Rebound (2009 film)

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Rebound is a 2009 American drama film written and directed by Afdhere Jama. Set in San Francisco, the film follows the life of a young gay man who is dealing with the aftermath of a breakup.

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Christopher (Anthony Lafferty) is going through a hard time after a breakup. In order to feel better about the situation, he starts dating again. He meets Yves (Wesley Cayabyab), a French student, on the internet. When that doesn't work out, he is introduced to Anil (Raj Preetam), an Indian. Christopher meets David (Calvin Mason), Michael (Eli Marrs), and Isaiah (Marcus Neal) before he changes course.



  • Anthony Lafferty as Christopher
  • Wesley Cayabyab as Yves
  • Raj Preetam as Anil
  • Ariane Resnick as Dwayne
  • Reginald White as Daniella
  • Ajibike Adekoya as Aretha
  • Galvin Mason as David
  • Eli Marrs as Michael
  • Marcus Neal as Isaiah
  • Alton Lou as Jason
  • Aamuel Garcia as Darrell
  • Jere Castro as Rodney
  • Mario Sullivan as Park Guy
  • David Benton as Delivery Man
  • Chris Julian as Cashier

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The film was released on DVD in china as Fen shou, in Germany as R├╝ckschlag, and in France as Rebond.



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