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Musical artist

Reza Bahram (Template:Lang-fa; born January 10, 1992 in Yazd) is an Iranian vocalist.[1] He presented his single track “ Az Eshg Bego “ in milad tower for starting the 36th trespass ceremony of “ Fajr International Film “ festival . [2]

Early life

Reza halavarjani by the pen name of Reza Bahram began to study in the majoring “ Financial Management “ at Elm –va-Farhang university in “ Yazd” city.[1]

He is the second son of the family . he's got an older sister and the younger one. his older sister is a horsewoman and the younger one is a professional athlete in a “ Canoe polo[1]

that is a singer his father encourage him but he was dead Same time in year of 1384 , Due to discomfort , he forgot to be a singer a he didn't care it . On that time football was his favourite major . and he was playing football in “Foolad-e-yazd” team and after that he ineterlly was in “foolad khozestan “ team and in that team his was injured so he had opration after three years that Abandoned football. his injury made him start singing again.[1] [3]

Artistic life

Reza Bahram befor entering to university on 2009 he started music and became professional in 2014. .[1] [4]

His first official Music was played on July 20 th on 2018 that was called “ AZ ESHGH BEGO “ the melody and verse was written by Hamed Dehgani , Music Producer was produce by “ Masoud Jahani “ . this single music could be quickly popular among people. [5] But before that track he participated on one of the powerful group and match up for a single music with “ Masih & Arash Ap “[6]

Raza Bahram was the gust in special program for “ Noruze 1398 in IRIB TV3, Asre jadid “ program that Ehsan Alikhani was the presenter there.[7][8]also he was in the special program for New Year , but he was on “ Yek - o- yek “ program thet was for Ali Zia on IRIB TV1. [9][10]

Reza Bahram was a singer of Mamnooe series, and his voice in this series made the film appealing to its audience.[11]

He presented his single track “ Az Eshg Bego “ in milad tower for starting the 36th trespass ceremony of “ Fajr International Film “ festival . [12]

He has got another activities on TV :

the music video of “ Atash ” that was the title of “ yek -o- yek” foom IRIB TV1.[13]

The music video of “ Az Eshgh Bgo ” was the title of “ Hala Khorshid “ program from IRIB TV3.[14]

Notable works

Music name Persian English
Az Eshgh Bego از عشق بگو Say love
Divaneh دیوانه Crazy
Bimar بیمار Patient
Kojaee کجایی Where are you
Mo be mo مو به مو ---
Atash آتش Fire
Shabhaye bad az to شبهای بعد از تو Nights after you
Gole eshgh گل عشق love flower
Arameshi daram آرامشی دارم I have calmness


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