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For the U.S. Representative from Illinois, see Robert P. Hanrahan.

Robert James Hanrahan (born 8 July 1969, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) is a musician and composer, who has recorded three solo albums and a fourth album is due for release in 2010. He has performed in Australia and in Italy.


Robert Hanrahan was born in 1969 and lived in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He is a musician and composer. During 1987–1990, Hanrahan played with three bands: 3 O'Clock Shadows, Sheep Weather Alert (on guitar, 1988–1990)[1] and Brisbane Jazz Orchestra.

In 1991, Hanrahan was in Rome, Italy and started producing music for theatre and movies, and played various bands. During 1992–2009, he played with: Bloody Riot, Gronge, Vegetebol, Tech Indios, Edge of Water, Sticky fingers and Workmates. In mid-2007 he started playing electric bass and acoustic guitar with an Italian band, Gronge. In 2008 he recorded a track called "The Girl from County Clare", used for a short movies made by the director Francesca ... starring Anna Bastoni as the lead actress. On 28 February 2008 he played for Glenn Branca's "Hallucination City" show at the Auditorium in Rome. The first track composed for his 2010 work is "Dalida feels" which is an acoustic/electronic piece. Hanrahan has collaborated with poet and singer Salvatore di Lecce, writing the music to di Lecce's lyrics.


In 2005 Hanrahan established No Dramas Productions Publishing and has since recorded three CDs:

  • Magic Hat
  • Indirection
  • Splendor Solis


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