Rogersville, Indiana

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Template:Infobox settlement Rogersville has a population of 7.[no citations needed here] Its elevation is 1,024 feet.[1] Rogersville was established in January 1837 by James O. Rogers and John R. Colburn.[2] The village is located a few miles from Blountsville, Indiana.


In 1851, it was documented that Rogersville had a post office with a postmaster named Jabesh Luellen.[3] Luellen's tenure as postmaster appears to have been superseded by his son, David M. Luellen, who is listed as a postmaster of Rogersville in the book History of Henry County, Indiana.[4] Luellen Jr. was also a merchant in the village.[4]

In 1871, it was documented that Rogersville had a harness shop, a blacksmith shop, a shoe store, a grocery store and a dry goods store.[2] In 1871, Rogersville also had a physician by the name of Dr. Kerr.[2]

It has been stated that residents of the town were conductors on the Underground Railroad.[5] Information at for the village states: Template:Cquote


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