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Roy Ben Artzi

Roy during photoshoot, 2019
Born רועי בן ארצי
Occupation Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Years active 2014-current

Roy Ben Artzi (Template:Lang-he-n) is a New York-based director, screenwriter, musician and producer. He is best known for his narrative short film (American Film Institute nominee) E.W.A, that he wrote together with his brother, Gigi Ben Artzi. The creative duo have also directed music videos and commercials for artists such as Future, Meek Mill, Paris Hilton, Saint Jhn and Suki Waterhouse.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10]


Tiger Love

Template:Main In the early 2010s, he and his brother, Gigi Ben Artzi formed the band "Tiger Love". Roy played guitar and was the lead vocalist while his brother Gigi played bass. The band's song "Pussy Cocaine" released in 2010 reportedly received hundreds of thousands of views and even made it to the top ten of the Hype Machine Music Chart. They have shared a stage with artists such as The Pet Shop Boys and Mark Ronson and were featured in The Guardian, Paper magazine and Fred Perry.[11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19]

In 2011, "Tiger Love" appeared at the Lowlands Music Festival in the Netherlands with The Arctic Monkeys.[20]

In 2016, they released their single "Space in Space". In the track's accompanying video, which was directed by Gigi, model and Instagram sensation Aliyah Galyautdinova is seen sexually pleasuring herself.[21][22]

Video direction

In 2015, Roy and his brother, Gigi, turned to directing music videos, video shorts and commercials. In his video project, "Downtown Divas", he conducted a series of interviews with female drug addicts about their realities and ambitions. In his short "Fashionable Animals", models are interviewed about their favorite animals.[23][24][25]

In 2016, he directed a live action short entitled "E.W.A." about a teenage girl who is suffering from a condition of a constant nose bleed while exploring different aspects of her life and the people around her. The film was nominated in the "Live Action Short Film" category by the American Film Institute.[26]

In 2017, he directed the video for Tiger Love's track entitled "Space in Space". The video featured model and Instagram sensation Aliyah Galyautdinova who is seen sexually pleasuring herself.[21][22]

In 2018, he directed Yonatan Gat's "Cue The Machines" and "Medicine". That same year he and his brother, Gigi, directed "Pop & Suki" which featured models Suki Waterhouse and Poppy Jamie in a staged 'behind the scenes' fashion photo shoot done in a 1960s style. The video earned the "Official Selection" for direction at the L.A. Fashion Film Festival.[27][28][29]

In 2019, he directed Future's "100 Shooters" video which featured Meek Mill & Doe Boy. He also directed Saint Jhn's video "Trap" which featured Lil Baby. That same year, he directed Paris Hilton in "That's Hot", a three-minute short in which the hotel heiress is portrayed as a weather girl commenting on current events while declaring them "Hot" or "Not".[7][30][3]


Year Title Credited as
Director Writer Notes
2019 100 Shooters / Future (rapper) [31] ft. Meek Mill, Doe Boy Template:Yes Music Video
"WHAT'S HOT WEATHER" / Paris Hilton Template:Yes Content Video
"Trap" ft. Lil Baby / Saint Jhn Template:Yes Music Video
2018 Pop & Suki Template:Yes Template:Yes Commercial
Medicine / Yonatan Gat [28] Template:Yes Music Video
Cue The Machines / Yonatan Gat [27] Template:Yes Music Video
2017 Space in Space [32][33] Template:Yes Music Video
2016 E.W.A [26] Template:Yes Template:Yes Short Film
2015 Fashionable Animals [23] Template:Yes Template:Yes Commercial

Awards and nominations

Year Award Film
2019 L.A. Fashion Film Festival Pop & Suki [29]
2016 AFI E.W.A [2]


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