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‘’’SHAREE’’’ is the acronym for ‘’’Self-Help Association for Rural people through Education & Entrepreneurship’’’, was registered in Bangladesh as a NGO[1]. It runs lobby and advocacy campaigns for the marginalised minority<ref> Merriam Webster Dictionary, “Definition of Minority”, ‘’Merriam Webster Dictionary’’, Accessed on 2017-08-01<ref>people in Bangladesh<ref> Special Correspondent, “Minority Population in Bangladesh Dwindled to 9% in the last 62 Years”, ‘’Prothom Alo’’, 2013-12-28 Accessed on 2017-08-01<ref>, and for the Dalit<ref> Banani Biswas, “Dalit Community”, ‘’Banglapedia, National Encyclopaedia of Bangladesh’’, 2015-01-07 Accessed on 2017-08-01<ref>, so that their human rights can be promoted and/or protected<ref> Anindita Sarker, “PUBLIC HEARING ON HOMELESS DALIT PEOPLES AND ROLE OF STATE”, ‘’Oxfam in Bangladesh, Monthly Newsletter- Issue November 2014’’, November 2014 Accessed on 2017-08-01<ref>.

‘’’Memberships/partnerships’’’ SHAREE is widely networked and has membership to a number of such Networks. One example is: SHAREE enjoys membership of Climate Change, Bangladesh (NCC,B) Trust, a network of organizations that works for Disaster Risk Reduction in Bangladesh<ref> NCC,B, “NCC,B Member Organizations”, ‘’Network on Climate Change, Bangladesh (NCC,B) Trust’’, 2012 Accessed on 2017-08-01<ref>.

‘’’Past projects’’’ SHAREE implemented a number of development projects in the past 20 years. One such past projects is “Improving Access to justice of Dalit Community through Human Rights Education Rights of Vulnerable Groups” supported by Finish donor organization KIOS Foundation. The project’s key themes were: “Rights of Vulnerable Groups” and “Women’s Rights and Gender Equality”, and it addressed that those areas successfully<ref> KIOS Foundation, “Search for Projects-Bangladesh”, ‘’KIOS Foundation’’, 2017 Accessed on 2017-08-01<ref>.


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