Sant Jagjit Singh Harkhowal

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Sant Jagjit Singh Harkhowal
File:Sant jagjit singh harkhowal.jpg
Sant Jagjit Singh Harkhowal
Born Jagjit Singh Parhar
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Kalra , Punjab (British India)
Citizenship India
Occupation Religious leader
Religion Sikhism
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Sant Jagjit Singh Harkhowal is a 21st-century Sikh sant.

Early life

File:Mehar singh.jpg
His Grandfather Jemadar(lieutenant) Sardar Mehar Singh Parhar , was Viceroy's commissioned officer in whose remembrance Basra memorial was erected in iraqafter his martyrdom in world war I

Harkhowal was born in the Kalra, which belonged to parhar rajputs in Jalandhar District located in Doaba region of Punjab.[1]

His ancestors were distinguished army officers and deeply religious gentlemen . His Grandfather S. Meeha Singh Parhar was a great gyaani and a very learned man both literally & spiritually. He had compiled 'santhya' (meanings) of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji ten times.

His cousin grandfather Jemadar (English liutenant) S.Mehar Singh Ji was a VCO ( Viceroy's Commissioned Officer ) who died in World War I and a basra memorial, 52 is erected in his remembrance in Iraq.

Harkhowal did his matric (10th std) from khalsa high school kalra and joined Khalsa College Mahilpur for Bachelor of Arts. He was N.C.C. cadet during college times.

Religious Discourse

File:Sardar ujagar singh.jpg
His Father Sardar Ujagar Singh Parhar ( ex-British Indian Army officer who was awarded with 3 victory medals in World War II giving lecture in a religious congregation after retirement

Many sants and mahapurashs used to visit their house making it an ideal religious atmosphere at home. He took amrit from the hands of sant ajit singh ji in 5th std.

He got his early religious discourse after college from Sant mahinder singh ji and studied guru granth sahib, nanak prakash, suraj prakash, panth prakash granths avidly.

He then studied all the higher granths like chanakya rajneeti, Yoga Darshan, Ayurveda, Bhavar Samrath, Vedant Darshan, Vichar mala, bairag shatak, Samveda, bhai garab das' varan, Parbod Chander Natak, Jujar, Kavit Swayey, Vichar Sagar, Sri bhagvad puran, Dasam Grath, Vishnu puran, Sarvalo granth, dodoo panthi, Tarak sangray, Shivpuran, Mokash panth, (6 shastras - Patanjali yoga sutra, niyay, vishayshak, Vedant sutra, Kapil Muni), Mahima Parkash, Adhiyatam ramayana, Megh Vinod, Vartak, Panth Gersi, Vedanta beas, Bhasha, Tatab Anusandhan, Karmiami, Birti Parbhakar, Purnsaman, Bhav Prakash, Sanskrit di baya karan lakaram vipak sanhit, Jaimani, Vagabhatta, Shrimat Bhagwada Gita, Utheri Mansa, Susrath, Vivek Chudamani, 108 upanishads from Sant Suhail Singh Ji a distinguished scholar of his times.

He is also a registered Ayurvedic Doctor (Vaidya Raj) by Punjab & Haryana Govt.[2]


After completing his education Harkhowal asked his parents to build dwelling for him in their ancestral lands so that he could meditate and recite naam over there without any disturbance. Harkhowal lived and meditated there for many years. Later he was called upon by Guru to start preaching at Sultanpur Lodhi which he began in 1976 and thus rose to prominence.[3]

Rise to Popularity

Harkhowal started holding discussions of granths at gurudwara sant ghat & started holding gatherings of sangat. On the 300th birthday of Guru Teg Bahadur ji, Sant Kartar Singh Ji of Mehta came to Sultanpur & after hearing highly knowledgeable lecture of Harkhowal praised him in sangat. Harkhowal built his ashram near historical gurudwara Sri Ber Sahib. The building work was assigned to Sant Harbhajan Singh of Cheeney while Harkhowal was abroad preaching path of guru. In the ashram hundreds of scholars were trained and sangat gatherings were held. True aim of Harkhowal was that apart from brahm vidya being taught, it should be a place to learn true Indian culture, Gurmat & Vedant such that vidhwans (scholars)be prepared to serve the country.

Harkhowal spreaded light of Gyaan & knowledge in the surrounding areas and held large religious gatherings of Sangat. Amrit sanchar was also held & may prominent figures attended gatherings. Notably Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale used to come there every year.[4][5]

In Gurdaspur Jail

In 1980s during Khalistan movement government became very suspicious of the prominent religious figures of Punjab. Harkhowal had to stay in Gurdaspur Jail with other political & religious figures for three months. Whilst in jail Harkhowal would hold katha of Guru Granth Sahib & preached inmates and other political prisoners. He started a chain of akhand paths to boost morale of inmates. It was the same jail where Banda Singh Bahadur had once stayed. He had a water well there and babji said at that time whosever drank water from it before going to courts would be released without charges. During the reign of the British that well was closed. Harkhowal did ardaas & along with some other found method of fetching and drinking water from the well. It was eventually on the day of Diwali that every body was released the same way as Guru Hargobind Ji was once put into jail and released on the very auspicious day. Many of the prisoners who were released that day left consuming meat & alcohol and gave up cutting the hair. They all committed to take amrit, such was the effect of Harkhowal upon them.[6][7]

Social Contrbution

Harkhowal made many gurudwaras in remembrance of mahapurashs in various parts of India.

He laid foundation stones of many gurudwaras, hospitals and schools across the country.

Spreading Sikhism Abroad

Harkhowal first went to Surrey, Canada on frequent requests from Sikh sangat abroad. Later he preached in all parts of Canada.

A program of Harkhowal doing katha was the first program related to sikhism broadcast at national level in Canada.

Under the effect many Sikhs abroad gave eating meat and drinking alcohol and became baptised Sikhs. Harkhowal was then requested to preach in England there a common committee was formed for all Sikh gurudwaras under his advice which created harmony among Sikh community of UK. Harkhowal has praeched many a times in USA and Australia as well.