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Musical artist

Sharaf Qaisar (Urdu: شرف قیصر) (born 11 November 1980) is a Radio host, Music producer, Singer, Songwriter, Music critic & a virtuoso guitarist from Karachi, Pakistan. He is the founder of Pakistani hip hop group Sharaf Qaisar Band (commonly know as: SQB). He has been associated with a number of Pakistani radio networks: FM 101, FM100, Apna Karachi 107; to name a few & is currently affiliated with Mast FM 103, where he do two shows in a week on saturday & sunday from midnight to 2. He is also working as an executive producer at Beyond Records, Pakistan.

His Radio shows are famous among youth. These consist an essence of laughter, humor and have provided the youth a reason to smile in times of mere disturbance. According to Sharaf's fans: "His wit plus black humor accompanied by a slight touch of satire, is what distinguish him and his shows."[1]

Early career

Sharaf Qaisar started his career as a radio host in 1998 with FM 101, where he used to do a late night rock show namely: Rockistan.[2] Though this was the era of rock music's downfall (worldwide). Sharaf Qaisar became the torch bearer of rock music and choose radio as a medium to show his affection, support & love for the genre. Rockistan was one of its kind. It consists different segments in which legendary rock musicians & bands were paid tribute. In addition, pakistani rock musicians were also interviewed & were given a chance to showcase their stuff.

On October 22, 2004 Sharaf Qaisar (along with Faraz Anwar) produced & recorded Pakistani progressive rock band: Mizraab's debut live album, in his show, at FM 101 studios. Live at FM 101 it was entitled.[3]

Life as a Guitarist

While pursuing a career as a broadcaster, Sharaf Qaisar did his majors in guitar from National Academy of Performing Arts (in 2003-04). This strengthened his believe in music further & now as well as, being a keen listener & music enthusiast he knew how to make it to the level too. Meanwhile, Sharaf put some recordings of his jam sessions on, then famous online music sharing platform, Soundclick which became quite famous. "Music & Guitars have always been my first love", he once said.

In coming years he performed at various gigs as a lead guitarist & sometimes bassist. Till date, he is an acclaimed Pakistani blues player & commended as: Jimi Hendrix's soul residing in Pakistan.

Being offered the position of Lead Guitarist and Tragedy

In 2006, Sharaf Qaisar was offered the position of a lead guitarist in Pakistani heavy metal band JOSH (now know as: Xaib's Gang) and he readily accepted it. But the fate had its own plan, just when JOSH's new video (Jal Rahi Hai Zameen) was about to air on television Sharaf had a tragic road accident in Lahore. He broke his leg and was told to have complete bed rest for at least a year.[4] Time passed and Sharaf recovered but the band had already filled the position.

A single all of a sudden

File:Sharaf Qaisar - Kerb (Preview).wav
A 18 seconds preview of Sharaf Qaisar's single: Kerb. An experimental rock track. Vocals by Sharaf Qaisar, Zaib and Shahid. Sharaf and Shahid Rehman on Guitars.

Till 2012, Sharaf Qaisar almost left mainstream music and continued as a broadcaster. This might be because the masses were paying less heed to his type of music. The reason is still unknown, though. Sharaf's fans were anxiously waiting for his banging comeback & were inquiring the same from their beloved but Sharaf was not (say) ready for a comeback yet. Then on 16 November, 2012 fans got a shock of their life when they came to know that Sharaf Qaisar, all of a sudden, has launched a new single: Kerb on soundcloud.

Kerb was characterized as an experimental rock track and gained appropriate praise from critics. It was because of this track, Sharaf's work was compared with Audioslave. In fact, such compliments boosted his confidence. Once Sharaf was asked for his own views on the track (by a fan) to which he replied: The riff has always been revolving in my head but was waiting for the right moment to let it out. I am glad --despite a bit delay-- it came out. All hail to rock!

Formation of SQB

File:Sharaf Qaisar Band.jpg
Sharaf Qaisar with his band: "SQB". Left to right: Shag, Sharaf Qaisar, Mani, JJ

Sharaf Qaisar is someone who believes in universality of music. He believes in changing oneself with the current flow, without compromising the virtuosity. This distinct music approach leads to formation of Pakistani hip hop group Sharaf Qaisar Band (commonly know as: SQB).

Till date, SQB has launched a mixtape: Charasmatic on soundcloud.[5] It consists 12 tracks in all. Charasmatic can be defined as a collaboration of eastern vocals and western beats or a blend of cultures. Mixtape depicts Sharaf Qaisar and his band members' ultimate skills and their avidity towards music.

Currently the band is working on their second mixtape: Lyrical Doodhpati.


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