Sheikh Noor Muhammad

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Sheikh Noor Muhammad
Died 21 September 1930
Cause of death Respiratory Disease[1]
Spouse(s) Imam Bibi Template:Small
Children Muhammad Iqbal (son)
Relatives Javid Iqbal (judge) (Grandson)

Sheikh Noor Muhammad (died 21 September 1930[1]) was most notable in being the father of (Poet of East) Muhammad Iqbal (born 1877), who became a philosopher in 1911.

He was the grandfather of the Judge Javid Iqbal. He belonged to Sheikh family. He married Imam Bibi in 1874. Imam Bibi died in 1914.

Early life

Shaikh was born in Karachi, Sindh. He was educated in Muslim University after the war of independence in 1857.[2]


He was married to Imam Bibi in 1875.


Children of Sheikh Noor Muhammad
Children Son/daughter
Muhammad Iqbal
Shaikh Atta Muhammad
Fatima Sheikh
Zainab Sheikh


Sheikh Noor Muhammad was suffered from Reactive arthritis on September 20, 1930. He controlled himself but due to health problems, he suffered from Respiratory disease and died on September 21, 1930. He was succeeded by his son, Muhammad Iqbal.[3]



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  2. Sheikh Noor Muhammad was educated in Aligarh University after war of independence in 1857. He was late educated in 1857. At the age of 19.
  3. Sheikh was suffered very high from Respiratory disease. That's why he used wheelchair to walk. After Reactive arthritis, he was unable to speak, walk. But he controlled himself. But because of his suffering to Respiratory disease he died.

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