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Shosanna Dreyfus also known as Emmanuelle Mimieux is a fictional character who appears in the 2009 Quentin Tarantino film Inglourious Basterds. She is portrayed by French actress Mélanie Laurent. [1][2]


In 1941, SS colonel Hans Landa, nicknamed "The Jew Hunter", interrogates French dairy farmer Perrier LaPadite. To save his family, LaPadite confesses to hiding the Jewish Dreyfus family underneath his floor. Landa orders SS soldiers to shoot through the floorboards and kill the family, but allows teenaged Shosanna to escape.

In June 1944, Shosanna, who has adopted the alias "Emmanuelle Mimieux", runs a cinema in Paris. She meets Fredrick Zoller, a German sniper whose exploits are to be celebrated in a Nazi propaganda film, Stolz der Nation (Nation's Pride), starring as himself. In love with Shosanna, Zoller convinces Joseph Goebbels to hold the premiere at her cinema. Shosanna seizes the opportunity, secretly resolving with her projectionist and lover, Marcel, to burn down her cinema and kill the top Nazi leaders at the premiere.

During the screening, Zoller slips away to the projection room to see Shosanna, who rejects his advances but then has him lock the door. With his back turned, she fatally shoots him, but he manages to turn and fatally shoot her as well. Meanwhile, Ulmer and Donowitz manage to dispatch the soldiers guarding Hitler.

A spliced-in clip of Shosanna's cackling in the cinema informs the audience that they are about to be killed by a Jew. Marcel, having locked the cinema, ignites a pile of extremely flammable nitrate film behind the screen. Ulmer and Donowitz burst into the screening as it burns and riddle Hitler, Goebbels, and the trapped crowd with submachine gun fire, until the bombs go off and destroy the cinema.

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