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Original short description: "American deathcore band"

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Musical artist

Signs of the Swarm is an American deathcore band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. formed in 2014. the group currently consists of guitarists Jacob Toy and Cory Smarsh, drummer Bobby Crow, and vocalist David Simonich


Formation (2014-2018)

On January 1, 2015. The band announced that rhythm guitarist Rodney Fabiann left the band and was replaced by current rhythm guitarist, Cory Smarsh. On January 1, 2016. The band announced that bassist Collin Barker left the band. this led the band's drummer Bobby crow switch from drums to bass, and adding drummer Jimmy Pino. the band released their debut album titled Senseless Order in 2016. the band released an album titled The Disfigurement of Existence in 2017.

Departure of Cj McCreery and Jimmy Pino, new vocalist, Vital Deprivation (2018-Present)

During the spring of 2018, the band announced that vocalist CJ McCreery departed the band. the band recruited new vocalist David "Dave" Simonich as their permanent vocalist, on June 28, 2019. The band released a new song with their new vocalist titled "Malevolent Enslavement". On January 1, 2020. the band announced that drummer Jimmy Pino left the band. and Bobby Crow would return to drums.


Current Members

  • Jacob Toy – lead guitar (2014–present), bass (2020–present)
  • Bobby Crow – drums (2014–2016, 2020–present), bass (2016–2020)
  • Cory Smarsh – rhythm guitar (2015–present), bass (2020–present)
  • David "Dave" Simonich – lead vocals (2018–present)

Former Members

  • Rodney Fabiann – rhythm guitar (2014–2015)
  • Collin Barker – bass (2014–2016)
  • CJ McCreery – lead vocals (2014–2018) [1]
  • Jimmy Pino – drums (2016–2020)


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Colors =

id:LV            value:red          legend:Lead_vocals
id:LG            value:teal         legend:Lead_guitar
id:RG            value:green        legend:Rhythm_guitar
id:B             value:blue         legend:Bass_guitar
id:D             value:orange       legend:Drums
id:A             value:black        legend:Albums

LineData =

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at:03/11/2017 color:A layer:back
at:11/10/2019 color:A layer:back

BarData =

bar:CJ          text:"CJ McCreery"
bar:David       text:"David Simonich"
bar:Jac         text:"Jacob Toy"
bar:Rod         text:"Rodney Fabiann"
bar:Cory        text:"Cory Smarsh"
bar:Coll        text:"Collin Barker"
bar:Bob         text:"Bobby Crow"
bar:Jim         text:"Jimmy Pino"

PlotData =

width:11 textcolor:black align:left anchor:from shift:(11,-4)
bar:CJ from:01/01/2014 till:23/03/2018 color:LV
bar:David from:23/03/2018 till:end color:LV
bar:Jac from:01/01/2014 till:end color:LG
bar:Jac from:01/01/2020 till:end color:B width:3
bar:Rod from:01/01/2014 till:01/01/2015 color:RG
bar:Cory from:01/01/2015 till:end color:RG
bar:Cory from:01/01/2020 till:end color:B width:3
bar:Coll from:01/01/2014 till:01/01/2016 color:B
bar:Bob  from:01/01/2014 till:01/01/2016 color:D
bar:Bob  from:01/01/2016 till:01/01/2020 color:B
bar:Bob  from:01/01/2020 till:end color:D
bar:Jim  from:01/01/2016 till:01/01/2020 color:D



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  • Senseless Order (2016)
  • The Disfigurement of Existence (2017)
  • Vital Deprivation (2019)

Music Videos

  • Mouth Sewn Prophets (2016)
  • Nightcrawler (2018)
  • Malevolent Enslavement (2019)
  • Crown of Nails (2019)
  • Malformed Dissonance (2020)
  • Lost Within Reflection (2020)