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Musical artist

The Singing Echoes is a professional Southern Gospel group based in Cleveland, TN. The group consists of members of the Epperson family. It originated in 1969 with Max and Lela Epperson, their two sons Lynn and Gary, and Debbie, Gary's wife at the piano. Lynn's oldest son Jeremy joined the group while Max and Lela were still traveling. When Lela had to go off the road in 1995, Joshua stepped up to the plate and started singing her part.

In 1973, The Singing Echoes received a Grammy nomination for the arrangement of the song "When I Wake Up To Sleep No More". The group has written and recorded many popular southern gospel songs and have been instrumental in introducing many other chart topping songs such as "Look For Me "When I Wake Up To Sleep No More", "It's Enough", "Beautiful Heaven", "Think I'm Excited?", "Somebody's Here" and "I'm A Used To Be", with their current hit bring a song penned by Gary titled " He Knows Me"

The group's work has been recognized by the state of Tennessee, and Governor Lamar Alexander appointed them as "Ambassadors of Good Will" for the state of Tennessee. In 2009 Tennessee State Representative Eric Watson and members of the state house and senate voted on a Joint Resolution congratulating the group for 40 years of service in the industry. The group has also charted numerous songs on the Singing News and Christian Voice charts and travels extensively across the United States.

The Singing Echoes were nominated and awarded by the SGM Fanfare for favorite band in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. Favorite Mixed Quartet in 2007. Joshua received a nomination and was awarded Favorite Instrumentalist in 2007. Lynn was nominated and awarded Favorite Bass Vocal in 2008 and 2009.

Each year they host the annual Blue Springs Valley Gospel Singing at the Singing Echoes Park in Cleveland, TN. This event brings some of the biggest and best of southern and Bluegrass gospel artists together.[1]

Lela died in September 1999 and Max died in 2004.[2] Their other two grandchildren, Matthew and Adam joined the group in the late 1990s. Jonah, Joshua's son, joined the group in 2009. Bryson, Jeremy's son was scheduled to debut with the group in August 2010.


  • Then The Walls
  • When Morning Sweeps The Eastern Sky
  • Down Home
  • When I Wake Up To Sleep No More
  • Pure Southern Tradition
  • Look For Me
  • Thank You Lord
  • Waiting For My Ride
  • It's Enough: Live!
  • Celebration 86: Live!
  • Beautiful Heaven
  • Smooth Sailing
  • Next Glory Flight
  • The Best of The Singing Echoes: Vol I
  • 25 Years and Still Pure Southern Tradition/The Best of The Singing Echoes: Vol II
  • The Legend Continues
  • Think I'm Excited: Live
  • Family Tradition
  • Rustling Of Angel Wings
  • Thirty Years Being Faithful
  • Somebody's Here
  • Somebody's Here: Live In High Point
  • In His Service
  • 35th Anniversary
  • Then and Now
  • Over There
  • Our Heritage
  • 40 Years & 4 Generations


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