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Template:Use Australian English Template:Main Programming that airs on Sky News Weather Channel in Australia.

Current programs

Australia Now

Host: 6am to 3pm: Josh Holt; Afternoons and evenings: Ken Heatley and Lee Brooks
Time: Every 30 minutes
Format: The latest national weather forecasts and news.

Weekend Weather Report

Host: Sally Ayhan, Hannah McEwan or Dave Kirwan
Format: Update national weather forecasts to help you plan your weekend.

Days Ahead

Host: Josh Holt, Ken Heatley or Lee Brooks
Format: Weather news and forecasts giving the most relevant weather in details as well as regional city and town forecasts for two days.


Host: Josh Holt, Ken Heatley or Lee Brooks
Format: Part-day forecasts for tomorrow for the state capitals across Australia

Rain and Dams

Time: At :15 and :45
Format: Past 7 days, how it has affected catchments and rain to come in the next week.

World of Weather

Time: At :45
Format: International Weather News and weather forecasts for major cities around the world.

The World Live

Time: Close to the hour, every hour
Format: A selection of live cameras around the world with popular music playing.

The Beach & Surf Report

Time: 20 past the hour
Format:Temperature, wind and tidal information.

Snow Report

Time: Winter months 20 to the hour
Format: Conditions on the ski fields of New South Wales and Victoria.

Country Skies

Time: 5.30pm, 12.30pm and 11.30pm EST
Format: Information on the drought and temperature forecast for farmers

Green Minute

Format: Small documentaries on ways you can help the planet

Weather Wonders

Format: Dick Whitaker explains the science behind weather phenomena

Cold and Flu Report

Time: Winter Months
Format: Cold and Flu temperature forecasts.

Pollen Report

Time: Spring months
Format: Hay fever and pollen count information.

Fujitsu Hot Spot

Time: Summer months
Format: Gives the location and temperature of the hottest place in each state.

Fujitsu Cold Spot

Time: Winter months
Format: Gives the location and temperature of the coldest place in each state.

Former programming

This Is Australia

Host: Graham Creed
Format: Weather stories, climate information, temperature and rain information, farming information, events calendar and more.

Weather Whys

Host: Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
Format: The science behind the weather

Running on Empty

Host: Ian Leslie
Format: Information on dam levels, drought history of Australia and new water technology such as desalination.

Weather Direct

Time: Every 10 minutes
Format: Weather information and statistics for states and capital cities

28 Day Rain Check

Format: 28 day rain check for each capital city.

Monte's Weather Journey

Host: Monte Dwyer
Format: Australian weather stories.

Your Weather Today

Host: Sally Ayhan and Josh Holt
Time: Weekdays from 6.00am
Format: The day's weather forecast and news. Your Weather today was originally hosted by Sally Bowrey until she left in early 2008.

Arctic Mission

Format: Information on weather issues in Antarctic

Weather Ed

Host: Nathaniel Buzolic and Dana Kronental
Format: Weather education for kids and teenages.

Wild World of Weather

Time: Nightly 7.30 pm, replay the following day at 1 pm
Format: Extreme, true weather stories.

Action Earth

Host: Ian Thorpe
Format: Water and energy saving information


Format: A weather question with multiple choice answers which is given after an ad-break.

Pet Tips

Host: Katrina Warren

Format: Tips to keep your pets safe from the weather.

Big Ideas For A Small Planet

Time: 7 pm and 12 pm daily
Format: Ways we can help the Earth.

It Could Happen Tomorrow

Format:What would happen if various weather disasters occurred tomorrow.

Tipping Point

Host: John Dee
Format: Advances in the combat of global warming

Angry Earth

Time: 7pm and 12pm daily
Format: The Earth's most extreme phenomena explained.


Time: Every hour daily
Format: Dam levels report

Rain Planner

Time: Every hour daily
Format: Rain levels report – over the past 7 days and for the days to come.

Tomorrow's Forecast Tonight

Host: Gavin Morris
Time 8:30 pm week nights
Format: The next days weather forecast and reports for every state


Forecast for Disaster: The Weather Behind Black Saturday

Date: 2 May 2009
Format: This looked at the weather conditions that lead to the 2009 Victorian Bush Fires February 2009 Victorian bushfires.

Forecast for Disaster: La Nina Strikes

Date: 15 May 2011
Format: This looked at the weather conditions that lead to the 2010/2011 Queensland flooding.It followed the weather situation starting with 2009 Victorian Bush Fires to the height of the Queensland flooding. It had interviews with the Weather Channel team, local residents and Queenland Premier Anna Bligh. It was narrated by Australian actor Bill Hunter, one of hist last projects.