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Skystalker is the name of several fictional characters in various Transformers universes.

Transformers: Generation 1

Template:Transformers character Skystalker is the highest ranking Micromaster Decepticon.[1] He is obsessed with power and leading the Decepticons.

Animated series

Skystalker's only appearance in animation is the commercial for his toy. In this commercial Jazz and Bumblebee capture Skystalker and Skyhopper's vehicles and presents them to Optimus Prime, but the vehicles transform into bases full of Decepticon Micromasters and attack the Autobots. Skytalker even gets a line of dialog, ordering the Decepticon Micromasters to attack.[2]

Dreamwave Productions

Skystalker appears in the Dreamwave Productions Micromaster limited series. In this series Skystalker is revealed to be a formerly larger Decepticon who was converted into a Micromaster. He and his second in command Skyhopper left Cybertron and became rivals to the Autobot Micromasters Countdown and Groundshaker. In issue #2 of this series Skystalker and Skyhopper return to Cybertron after years in space conquering planets. After meeting with Shockwave the pair of Micromasters disabled him and set up the larger Autobot and Decepticon forces into a fight that left both sides drained of energy.

Skystalker also had a biography printed in the More Than Meets The Eye series.


  • Generation 1 Micromaster Skystalker (1989)
Skystalker came with the Decepticon Interstellar Shuttle that turned into an attack base.
This toy was reolored into Metrobomb (the Micromaster partner of Metrotitan) and Rabbicrater (who was the Autobot rocket base pilot in Japan).[3]


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Template:Transformers character Skystalker transforms into a stealth bomber. According to his bio, he flies alongside Divebomb to battle the Autobot Scattorshot. Skystalker lets Divebomb become an easy target for Scattorshot, hoping to sneak up from behind and capture the Autobot.[4]

IDW Publishing

In California the Autobots set a trap for Starscream's minions Divebomb, Fearswoop and Skystalker by having Theodore Galloway pose as an arms dealer attempting to purchase Cybertronian technology. The trap is uncovered and the Autobots send in Arcee, Chromia, Elita One, Ironhide, Mudflap and Skids. Divebomb and Skystalker are killed while Fearswoop is captured by the Autobots and taken back to the NEST base on Diego Garcia.[5]


  • Revenge of the Fallen Scout Skystalker (2010)
Transforms from stealth bomber to robot. He has an unofficial mode with his robot legs hanging below his jet mode (similar to the Gerwalk mode of the VF-1 Valkyrie from Macross). Also attaches to Voyager Class Mindwipe in fighter mode.
Also available in a white/orange redeco as Sunspot in the 2010 toy line.
The figure was also released as Smokescreen (a blue redeco) as a Tokyo Toy Show exclusive.[6]


Transformers: Prime

Template:Transformers character Skystalker is a Predacon revealed to appear in Transformers: Prime.

IDW Publishing

Another character named Backbite that appeared in Rage of the Dinobots uses the same design.

Animated series

While Skystalker has not actually appeared in-show, an image similar to his beast mode appeared briefly in Project Predacon, and Predaking had a vision of a similar looking Predacon when he came across a fossilized optic in Chain of Command.

A character named Skylynx introduced in Predacons Rising (the series' finale), uses the same character design as Skystalker and Backbite.


  • Prime: Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Skystalker (2013)[7]
A new figure which comes with Cryostrike Disk launchers in the wings, and a piece of the tail detaches to become a melee weapon.


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