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sourabh J sarkar
Born 19th July 1968
Nationality Indian
Occupation Educationist, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Spouse(s) Reena J. Sarkar (m. 1994- present)
Children Nirmaan Sarkar Sohana J. Sarkar
Parents Ananda Mohon Sarkar Pratima Sarkar

sourabh J. sarkar (born 19 July 1968) is the Founder of KarmYog for the 21st century. He is a visionary educationist, a social entrepreneur and a pioneer in the field of applying eLearning and multimedia to Mass Education in India.

The culmination of over 25 years of deep 'sadhana' -- exploring the 'how' and the 'what' of education—led to the integration of his professionaland personal life leading to the creation of the movement of KarmYog21C, or KarmYog for the 21st Century the main objective of which is human development.

shri sourabh J sarkar’s speciality lies in the design & development of the path-breaking approach towards
learning- OmniDEL ™(OmniDimensionally Engaging Learningware).

Early Life and Education

sourabh J. sarkar was born in Ranchi, Jharkhand to parents Ananda Mohon Sarkar and Pratima Sarkar. Both of his parents were professors. Born in an educated family which values education as the most important part of one’s life, he was always surrounded by education and people engaged in this field.Sourabh did his schooling from De Nobili School, Dhanbad. He holds a bachelor's degree in Engineering from IIT Kharagpur and a master's degree in Media & Arts from Syracuse University New York and a diploma in video from Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai. }

Professional career

Shri sourabh J sarkar started his professional life in the year 1990 and successfully implemented over 400 rich media based eLearning projects for clients around the world. Later, he withdrew himself from pursuing only professional success from 2003. He then integrated professional and personal life under the single umbrella of KarmYog for the 21st Century in 2008. In his early life he worked as an Officer – Corporate Communications at the Bharat Petroleum from 1990 to 1993. sourabh J. sarkar's professional experience spans three decades, where he has been deeply engaged with the various aspects of using media and technology to increase the reach and effectiveness of education. After working in a wide spectrum of functions of large public sector companies as well as small private companies around the world, he founded KarmYog Foundation with a spirited team of young people with a common mission of contributing to the field of human development by integrating the best of Aesthetics, Technologies and Values.

Presently, sourabh is in the process of incubating a variety of ideas and talent that will help to realise the vision of making education more effective and meaningful for more people.


KarmYog for the 21st century
Shri sourabh J sarkar is the founder of KarmYog21c or KarmYog for the 21st century, a transformational movement that focuses on human development. It is a movement dedicated to the personal and professional development of Humankind.
The movement places ‘seva’ as the sole purpose of life and development. The vision of the movement lies in using work life as a path for personal growth and personal growth as a path for developing work life, by combining the best of the ancient with that of the modern. It draws upon the eternal values of Karm-Yog and applies it into the context of the 21st century work-life. The movement focuses on bringing about positive transformations in the way of education and training and addresses the process of human development.
The movement is pillared by three guiding principles :

  • Knowing what to do or Pragya- It stands for Knowledge or a focus on acquiring Knowledge. It advocates a skill of knowing what to do.
  • Getting things done or Kaushal- It is about mastering Techniques or knowing how to apply pragya. It involves getting things done.
  • Dissolving the do-er- A commitment towards ‘niswarth karma’. Sadhana leads to the final dissolution of ego. The "do-er" dissolves into the "deed".

With KarmYog 21c, shri sourabh J sarkar created the following products in various fields:

Visual and performing arts

He contributed in the field of visual and performing arts through uniquely designed training experiences for different visual and performing arts subjects.

Indian Idol Academy

Indian Idol Academy is a joint venture of KarmYog Media and Arts Education Network,owned by shri sourabh J sarkar and the FremantleMedia that owns the Idol Brand. Indian Idol Academy is running successfully through Pan India aiming at Mass Music Literacy all over India.
Among the others are TheatreLab, Dance for All, Music for All (Music training program in schools), Drama on Stage and Screen with Legendary Film maker Shyam Benegal & theatrician shri Probir Guha, Fit for Life with mahacharya shri sourabh J sarkar and OmniDELTM Sessions.

Vocational Skills

Under vocational skills are training programs like:

Pawan Ko Kahin Dekha Kya

Pawan Ko Kahin Dekha Kya is a training program for passenger car drivers.

Jeevan Jeevika Camp

Jeevan Jeevika Camp is an initiative taken by shri sourabh J sarkar with the aim of empowering skills through training and employment. The camp is organized to test skills and abilities of people who are unemployed and to provide them with placements based on their skill sets. The camp has been successful in rural and suburban areas providing many with employment.
It also includes training program for quick service restaurants.

Social Sector

TATA Trust
Providing a drive to the movement and to fulfill its objective, Tata Trusts collaborated with shri sourabh J sarkar with the motive of bringing about changes and modification through numerous contributions in the social sector thus creating a network of NGOs for social development which includes rural development, free education among the poor, etc.
He also created OmniDEL™ Methodology which is a path-breaking approach in the field of modern learning and education.
OmniDEL™ is an award winning approach to learning that harnesses the best from every pedagogic field including Traditional, Modern, Eastern and Western. The OmniDEL™ method of learning aims at educating the learners engaging all the four dimensions, i.e., Physical, Praanic, Spiritual and Mental thus making learning omnipresent. An OmniDEL™ program integrates the 4 most important aspects of learning – Learner, Technology, Device and Multimedia. It includes technology- enabled devices and mediums that are used to provide specific kinds of learning experiences.
OmniDEL™ was awarded the best learning method by the National Skill Development Corporation in 2014.
shri sourabh J sarkar’s most recent initiative includes the creation of OmniDEL™ Greens, a bio-sustaining nursery in Newtown, Kolkata which focuses on community service by experimenting and encouraging smart and sustainable ways of life & livelihood through various vocational & training programs.

OmniDEL™ Greens

OmniDEL™ Greens is a bio-sustaining nursery in Newtown, Kolkata which focuses on community service by experimenting and encouraging smart and sustainable ways to life & livelihood through various vocational & training programs. It is a physicalmanifestation of the OmniDEL™ way of learning. It is an ecologically enriched bio-diverse zone that helps to connect with Nature through an engaging OmniDEL™ connect. It has eco-friendly learning activities that are undertaken by its members who believe and besiege their lives around "seva".
OmniDELTM Greens is a memebership driven community which powers every citizen with equal opportunities to become a member of the KarmYog for the 21st Century Movement and work towards their personal enrichment, by serving the world at large.


Apart from being an entrepreneur, shri sourabh J sarkar also provides the under privileged children with education, food and shelter who otherwise cannot afford education. He has opened the gates of his home to shelter such unprivileged kids. Gunakul (previously known as Gurukul) is the school and residence of these kids.The kids in Gunakul do not go to school; instead they get direct tutelage from the scholars of KarmYog Ashram. sourabh’schildren are also a part of Gunakul as well. Shrisourabh J sarkar believes that rather than gaining education, it is moreimportant to gather knowledge.


Shri sourabh J sarkar considers himself a ‘karmyogi’ and a ‘paramsevak’ for whom ‘seva’ is the ultimate motive of life. He has been an ardent student of Ken Wilber's Integral Theory and has worked closely with him for over 4 years during the formative years of Integral Institute. He has been influenced by the teachings of a variety of traditional as well as modern teachers from the East and the West. He has also been inspired by the lives and teachings of many thought leaders like Plotinus, Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda, Swami-Ramdev (DivyaYog), Sri Sri Ravishankar(Art of Living),Goenkaji (Vipassana), Mother Teresa, Sadhvi Ritambhara, Maverick Ricardo Semler, Dale Carnegie, Edward De Bono, Steven Covey, Bill Gates, Amitabh Bachchan, Ronaldinho, Rabindranath Tagore, Gandhi ji and many others.

His Vision

What started in 1989 as a search for life's meaning and purpose, has taken the shape of an unwavering mission to transform the education system so that it can be a true vehicle for the growth and development of humanity. He says, "An education system designed for the industrial-age will not be able to prepare us for the information-age. An education system that qualifies more and more people to grab resources and monopolize wealth, cannot be an answer to the problems that stare at us in this era of globalization. An education system that stifles creativity and replaces it with a rat-race for degrees will not allow the human potential to blossom. "
"What we need is an education system that is meaningful, relevant, holistic, balanced and inclusive- an education system whose quality does not diminish with scale, an education system where learning is a life-long adventure and where the obsession for multi-dimensional growth is the ultimate sign of graduation."
His idea is to combine the integral wisdom of the modern West with the eternal values of karmyog and apply them in the context of the 21st century. The ultimate goal is to bring about a balance in people’s professional and personal lives. "For, these are the two things that usually break us apart", states shri sourabh J sarkar.

Awards and Recognition

•Award for the best learning method for OmniDEL™ by National Skill Development Corporation, 2014.


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