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Country South Korea
Year Created 2015

Spottoon is a digital sharing platform for South Korean webtoons or online comics, that was launched in 2015. The content available on the platform is primarily targeted at an American and international English-speaking audience by providing legally translated versions of popular works. It is a part of a growing number of companies trying to bring webtoons to an international audience after their success and popularity on a domestic front.


Spottoon was created by RollingStory, a global creative content servicing company based in Seoul, South Korea. The company was founded in December 2014, by the Hankyoreh Media Group and Toonion, a comic book artists union, with an overlaying mission to "move people with great stories." Upon its creation and prior to the release of Spottoon, RollingStory announced the formation of a partnership with the Huffington Post that would allow for the publication of several titles on the company's online news site.[1] This service began in July 2015 and currently, five titles are available through the Huffington Post site[2] with two new episodes of each series released each week.

In 2015, RollingStory launched its main sharing platform, Spottoon. Twenty webtoon series were carefully chosen to be a part of the first wave of English translated releases.[3]

It has plans to expand its presence internationally by offering its services in other languages in the future.

Currently, Spottoon can be accessed through its main website and through its andrioid and iOS apps.

Notable Titles

Amanza Drama by Bo-Tong Kim

Be Angel'ed By Chara

Cat and Dog by Hee Jung Park

Moss by Tae-Ho Yoon

Peak by Sung-Soo Hong and Gang-Hyuk Lim

Romance Killer by Doho Gang

Sherlock-Her Majesty's Detective by Kyung-Oh Go, Zohan, Gok

Westwood Vibrato by In-Wan Youn and Sun-Hee Kim

Trace by Nasty Cat

Tribe X by Jae-Kwon Hyun, Yoon-Sun Kim, Ki-Woo Hong

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