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Stallo: Curse of the Shaman (Template:Lang-no) is an upcoming 2014 Norwegian horror comedy film directed by Freddy Vith, starring Nina Blomsköld, Daniel Iversen, Magnus Bjørnstad, Thor Normann, and Helene Gade-Lundlie. The film centers on a group of young students who discovers a Sami shaman's burial ground with an ancient curse to the mythical figure Stallo. The film is often described as "Pathfinder (1987 film) meets Friday the 13th (1980 film)".[1]


A group of media students are out in the wilderness of Northern Norway to make a nature documentary for a school assignment, but their hidden agenda is really is to party and drink alcohol. Along the way, they discover a Sami shaman's burial ground with an ancient curse around the mythical figure Stallo.

The main character, Johanna (played by Nina Blomsköld), is a 17 year old girl with a traumatic past where her sister was a victim of lust murder in a forest. Since then, Johanna has been traumatized to stay in the woods, but is willing to be on the trip to overcome her anxiety. Something which mildly puts to the test when the stallo awakens.


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