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Tears is a side-scrolling, adventure/survival game by Echospawn Studios™. Tears is a mix of a survival waves meets side-scrolling adventure, with a rich story. You must save your brothers and sisters from the "Darkness" and team up to defeat the Dark Lord and rescue your mother. As you collect dragon tears, you will be able to team up with your siblings and switch between the different dragons mid combat. use there skills when necessary to defeat waves of enemies and conquer bosses.

Back Story

The lands of Arcadia, once full of dragons, now holds a home for one. This dragon was the last of its kind during the war of the "Darkness" and now she rests in the Shrine created by the people. During the birth of her 11 new babies, the shrine is attacked by the once thought defeated Darkness, and her and her babies are captured. With her last bit of will shes able to knock one of her babies to safety. Now it is up to him to save Arcadia.

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