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Telfaz11 [1] is a Riyadh, Saudi Arabia based internet television network and is considered a pioneer in "online video content" production in Saudi. With over six million subscribers and over 150 million views throughout its network, Telfaz11 has attracted and helped launch some of the top internet talent in the Middle East and has helped create demand for local premium online content in the region.


Telfaz11’s network with around 700,000,000 views and around 7,000,000 subscribers on youtube.


Name Description Number of Subscribers Number of Views Active Since
Telfaz11 Channel Telfaz11’s is a channel which has a mission is to make sure that society’s perception of local creativity changes positively and that the light is shed on our local creatives though entertaining online programming. 6,738,148 17,166,495 October 2012
La Yekthar A Saudi satirical show on YouTube revolving around issues and subjects that interest the Saudi society. 14,604,857 85,619,243 October 2010
Khambalah A fresh perspective on Gulf societies in a comedic lens. The show has achieved critical acclaim and record-breaking numbers from the beginning of its launch. 11,544,421 73,795,027 May 2012
Temsa7ly Example 30,695,575 200,634,451 Jun 2012
Alaa Wardi Example 3,889,800 52,321,886 May 2011
Folaim Characterized by its dark, yet fast-paced nature Folaim is a premier program for the most enthralling stories from the youth of Saudi Arabia. 2,709,786 23,729,754 Jun 2012
Kees A show that presents comedic and heightened visualizations of a trio of writers who brainstorm for ideas that would eventually be met with flat rejection. 865,805 3,916,981 Jun 2014
Jagabov akabov is a channel which gathers Telfaz11 and Z-Pad members to perform activity that are related to video games. 1,051,647 6,752,681 May 2014
Al5a6eren Example 111,724 2,326,339 Example
Latshab Example 504,046 1,914,185 Example



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