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The Atlanta Way: a Documentary on Gentrification is a 2014 documentary film that was directed by King Williams and Ajay Reeves. The film has a projected release date of December 2014 and references the referencing the phrase of the same name. Its subject matter deals with the current gentrification of Atlanta, specifically, the razing of nearly every public housing project in Atlanta, and the destiny of the former residents of those projects.[1]


The documentary is set during the last days of public housing in Atlanta and the global financial crash of 2008, and details the tensions regarding the last phase of demolition of all of the public housing in Atlanta. The demolition is the resulting effort of a nearly 20-year project of the Atlanta Housing Authority based in part to the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta and the resulting gentrification from both sides of the gentrification issue: those being gentrified and those who are gentrifying.


Williams initially got the idea to create the documentary while he was working on a college paper about gentrification in Atlanta.[2] Production began on the film in 2008 and Williams utilized students from Georgia State University as well as students from the Savannah College of Art and Design.[2] He premiered a work-in-progress copy of the film at a 2010 American Sociological Association meeting, where it was positively received.[2] A rough cut of the film was also released to the Internet in 2011.[3] The film is currently in its post-production phase.


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