The Benchmark (brothel)

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The Benchmark or The Benchmark Gentleman's Retreat is an Australian brothel located in Tweed Heads South, New South Wales. The brothel is referred to by Australian media as "the super brothel", servicing both south east Queensland and southern New South Wales. The Benchmark brothel rose to prominence during its media battle against Tweed city council members. The brothel fought significant council objections, particularly by those of Tweed Heads mayor Warren Polglase.[1] The debate was played out through Australian media and discussed briefly on television and radio. In response, several legal practitioners in Australia offered commentary for the brothel, including Bill Potts of Potts Lawyers,[2] citing rights for sex workers under the law and the prevalence of a moral debate.

Despite council scrutiny, The Benchmark opened in September 2011. On September 15, 2011, Warren Polglase resigned his position as mayor. Polglase stated that Tweed Heads Council would reject proposals for more brothels in the Tweed Heads region, naming The Benchmark as "the last superbrothel."[3]

The Benchmark still operates in South Tweed Heads.

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