The Black Gloves

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The Black Gloves is an upcoming 2017 horror film directed by Scottish film director and producer Lawrie Brewster and serves as a prequel to his 2013 debut horror film Lord of Tears.[1] The movie is set during the 1940s and tells the story of a psychologist that soon finds himself at odds with the Owlman, a sinister owl-headed figure.[2] The Black Gloves marks the third film that Brewster has directed that stars Jamie Scott Gordon and the second with actress Alexandra Nicole Hulme.


Finn Galloway is a psychologist that has become obsessed with one of his patients, a young woman who had been terrified of a sinister owl-headed entity called the Owlman. His investigations bear little fruit until he learns of a former ballerina named Elisa Grey, who has sequestered herself at the Baldurrock Estate with only her guardian Lorena Velasco for company. Finn discovers that Elisa suffers from identical fears, which prompts him to begin treating her in hopes of uncovering the truth - only to find that this will likely bring him face to face with the terrifying Owlman.



Filming took place in Scotland and is currently in post production.[1][3] Like the 2013 Lord of Tears and the connected 2015 film The Unkindness of Ravens, Brewster teamed up with his partner Sarah Daly, who penned the film's script and served as the movie's producer.[4] Also akin to both films, Brewster's Hex Media launched a Kickstarter campaign to help with finishing the movie.[5][6]

Unlike the prior two films, The Black Gloves was shot entirely in black and white, a "noir look" that Daly stated "seemed a natural fit for the Owlman, who is this shadowy entity, always lurking in dark corners, watching.”[6]


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