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The Fappening is a 2015 American horror film that was written, edited, produced, directed, starred and cast by Sean Weathers.[1] The film follows a filmmaker caught in a sex scandal and is loosely based on the 2014 celebrity photo hack of the same name.[2] It was released on August 25th, 2015 through Music Video Distributors.[3]


Sean Weathers stars as struggling filmmaker, Alan Smithee, a lothario that uses what little fame he has to seduce wanna be actresses into sleeping with him. Alan's problem is that he records his conquests on his camera phone and once it gets mysteriously hacked and the videos and photos are uploaded online, his trysts become public for the world to see. The fallout from this leads him down a dark and deadly path. [4][5][6] The film is notable for being based on the real life Fappening and for starring B movie icons Tina Krause, Lloyd Kaufman and Joel M. Reed who was fresh off of his own real life sex scandal. [7]

Critical reaction

The Fappening was met with high acclaim in the horror indie film community. The critical consensus states: "'What do you get when you cross the comedic dialogue brilliance of Kevin Smith, the grittiness of an 80’s Abel Ferrara and the sleazy fun of Russ Meyer? You get the films of Sean Weathers.' 9/10" - Through the Black Hole.[8] The Final Cut said of the film, "Socially relevant and makes a statement."[9] Search My Trash called it, "A very dark satire of (especially but not only) American celebrity culture."[10] Indie Horror Films called it, "Hysterically funny and scarily accurate."[11] Matt's Rotten Review said it was, "Full of sex, sleaze and horror."[12] Classicalite said of the director, "Weathers is a curio of a talent."[13]


Aside from having its own DVD and On Demand release, a condensed forty minute version of the film is also available on Vault of Terror II: The Undead. [14] The Fappening serves as the wraparound story for the horror anthology film. [15] Weathers put Vault 2 together with the help of five fellow filmmakers and co-executive producer Jerry Landi and associate producer Sal Amore.

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