The Hands You Shake

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The Hands You Shake (also known as The Entitled) is a 2013 American black comedy-crime film written by Chris Fornataro (who also stars) and Kent Lamm and directed by Lamm. It stars James Morosini, Fornataro, Jeff Randhawa, Garret Coffey, and Rachel Quinn, who respectively portray Mason, Gloves, Alfonzo, Bruce, and Shelly. The film had a successful Kickstarter campaign, funding $14,511 on a goal of $11,500.[1] The plot revolves around a group of college graduates that discover a discarded bag full of over a million dollars in cash that belongs to a group of hitmen that mistakenly lost it after a botched drug deal. While the storyline of the film and the acting has been praised by critics, the audio mix has been met with criticism. The film was released to film festivals prior to being released direct to DVD and streaming services on April 1, 2013.


Oscar discovers bag containing over a million dollars in cash. He decides to bring it to his friends Josh and Mason to assist him with figuring out what to do with it. Josh urges them to report it to the police and refuses to look at any alternate scenario. Oscar and Mason decide to figure out a way to hide the cash without causing any suspicion. Unbeknownst to the college graduates, the hitmen that accidentally lost the bag of money after a failed drug deal launch an investigation to find their missing money. This group of hitmen aren't the only ones seeking the cash as their boss has sent a infamous hitman known as The Piper to make sure their mission goes as plan.


  • James Morosini as Mason
  • Chris Fornataro as Gloves
  • Jeff Randhawa as Alfonzo
  • Garret Coffey as Bruce
  • Rachel Quinn as Shelly


Mark Bell of Film Threat[2] praised the storyline of the film and the acting but criticized the audio mix stating, "The vibe of Kent Lamm’s feature film, The Hands You Shake, is reminiscent of a Coen Brothers crime caper, with the energetic and youthful feel of Doug Liman’s Go. Full of interesting characters in a story that is increasingly spiraling out of control, the film offers up a stylistic take that truly works. There’s certainly a familiarity to the tale, but it works within those expectations to offer up a few twists and turns that, even if predictable, are nevertheless appropriate. The one element that was consistently problematic for me, however, is the audio mix. Sometimes the music is too loud, and it makes following the dialogue difficult. Other times characters, in their heightened state of emotions, talk over one another. There were too many moments where I found myself annoyed because I was trying to follow one stream of dialogue while too many conflicting lines kept stepping over it, or music or other sounds were interrupting the flow. But that is my only major criticism of the film, and I managed to make do just fine despite those moments of annoyance. The rest of the film is entertaining, and the stylistic flourishes and homages contained within were enjoyable to experience. The film looks good, and the performances are mostly strong, if sometimes prone to living it up in hammy territory every once and a while; it does fit the more over-the-top aspects of the film, so it’s not entirely out of place. The Hands You Shake is an ambitious film, and it succeeds, all things considered. It doesn’t shy away from some bloody violence, keeps the energy level up and the momentum moving dangerously forward. It has moments of dark comedy, and is generally an entertaining flick all around."


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