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The Hype Magazine is an American music and entertainment magazine covering "News from Hip Hop to Hollywood." Founded in 2002 by CEO/Publisher Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson, the brand grew from an exclusively digital/print-on-demand magazine to expand its presence to newsstands in November 2013. In February 2014, the Atlanta City Council honored The Hype Magazine CEO/Publisher Jameelah with a proclamation in her honor as a successful brand owner and female business owner. The Hype Magazine is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana and publishes quarterly in print and monthly in digital/print-on-demand format.

In 2013, The Hype Magazine received its first major entertainment industry award nomination for "Magazine of the year," via the 11th annual Southern Entertainment Awards (S.E.A.).[1] In 2014, the outlet was nominated for "Magazine Publication Of The Year" by the SCM Awards.[2]

The Hype Magazine has nearly 200,000 digital subscribers and 2 million unique visitors per month to its online properties. The Hype Magazine circulation is approximately 200,000 via combined distribution outlets including print and online retailers.[3][4]

During the magazine's history, The Hype Magazine is recognized by various celebrities for giving them interviews like Grammy Nominee Clinton Sparks,[5] Shirlee Temper,[6] Bay Area rapper Yukmouth displays his cover on his official website.[7] In 2014 The Hype Magazine was even promoted by the legendary Missy Elliott for its interview of her and her artist Sharaya J[8]

News outlets that have covered The Hype Magazine or its brand include The Source,[9] Hip Hop Vibe,[10] and a feature story via Indie Hip Hop[11]

The Hype Magazine parent company is How You Perceive Everything, Inc.[12] and the initials created the title of the magazine.


  • 2014 Atlanta City Council proclamation honoring the magazine and CEO
    Atlanta City Council proclamation recognizing The Hype Magazine and it's publisher Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson
  • 2014 nominated by SCM Awards "Magazine Publication of the Year"[13]
  • 2013, winner of the S.T.R.O.B.E. Award for "Best Online Magazine” (Music)
  • 2013 nominated for the S.E.A. (Southern Entertainment Awards) "Magazine of the Year"[14]

Notable Articles

2014 [15]


  • Nick Cannon - Recording artist, Chairman of Teen Nick Nickelodeon, CEO of NCredible Productions, Executive Producer of MTV "Wild N Out" [19]
  • K. Michelle - Recording artist (Atlantic Records)
  • Mindless Behavior
  • OMG Girlz
  • Tammi Roman (Basketball Wives)
  • Mama Jones (Love and Hip Hop)
  • Grammy Winner Jody Watley [20]
  • Kelli Price [21]
  • Chante Moore


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