The Land of two Fields

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The Land of two Fields is a 2015 international film directed by Tim Aguado and written by Zachary Laoutides about a former Israeli Mossad operation that experimented with remote viewing and extrasensory perception (ESP).[1]


A retired Israeli Mossad officer dives back into a retreated top secret clairvoyant military operation (operation Fields of Aaru), that hunted down former Nazi's in the spiritual realm. The former officer, Samuel Bassan, recruits a neighborhood medium in order to carry out his plans to cross over to the 'other side' and send Hitler into the greatest depths of darkness possible.[2] The story follows two characters with separate story lines. Zachary Laoutides, playing Lazaro a neighborhood medium and Nathan Ayala playing Samuel Bassan a former Israeli intelligence officer who meet each other in a suicide prevention counseling center.


  • Nathan Ayala as Samuel Bassan
  • Zachary Laoutides as Lazaro Ortiz
  • Emmanuel Isaac as Aaron


Production began on June 2014 in Chicago and Israel. The film is based on fiction although inspired by real remote viewing and real brujería witchcraft that exists inside the Latino communities.

Zachary Laoutides was student of Nathan Ayala and his acting methods from back in 2005 where they became acquainted on the set of the FOX show Prison Break.[3]

“I’ve been wanting to do a film with Nathan for the longest time, something has always been in the work, but it never panned out. I believe timing is everything because the premise is incredibly unique and different. I’m glad the project has evolved this far and into the script it is.”- Interview with Zachary Laoutides[4]


The Land of two Fields is scheduled to release in 2015.


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