The Man from Ruin

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The Man from Ruin is a 2016 American apocalyptic science fiction art film written, directed and produced by Joel Shelton, starring Joseph Higgins as The Man, and Devanshu Agrawal as The Voice.[1] It follows a man (Joseph Higgins), seemingly alone in the world, as he attempts to survive the impending winter in a post-apocalyptic society. His only companionship are the philosophical voice recordings of a former human survivor (Devanshu Agrawal). The film was shot in black-and-white and utilizes a long take filming approach. The Man from Ruin is an independent film which fits into the slow cinema genre due to the usage of long takes, the rejection of a traditional narrative, and its minimalist world building.


In a post-apocalyptic world, we follow a man that gathers items needed to survive an impending winter. He leaves inside the basement of abandoned house and occasionally journeys to the outside in search of the relics of humanity. The Man keeps himself entertained by making personal video logs on an 8mm film camera about the world that surrounds him. His only contact from another human are the philosophical ramblings of a former human survivor on a digital voice device. The Voice gives The Man insight as to how humanity fell into ruin, after a series of unexpected UFO crash landings occurred on the planet Earth, long ago.[2] The Man spends each day searching for physical human contact and crucial items needed for his continued survival. His only hope is finding another person to communicate with about everyday life.



The Man from Ruin started out as a short film that eventually developed into a feature length film. Writing for the film involved Joel Shelton constructing the scenes that would be shot for an entire day. So, this made principal photography often unpredictable for the crew and the main protagonist. The film was shot on a low budget [3] with a skeleton film crew.[1] Production for The Man from Ruin started in early January 2016 with principal photography concluding in late February 2016. The film was shot in the woods of North Carolina, during a heavy blizzard. This made the production particularly difficult for the film crew and the main actor. They often had to be exposed to chilling temperatures for hours at a time, due to the director's dedication to long takes. In fact, the penultimate shot in The Man from Ruin is the longest take in the film with a duration exceeding 19 minutes in length. Shooting for this particular scene started at 6:00 in the evening and ended at 1:30 at night, after 12 takes. Joseph Higgins also had to act as his own stunt double for the film. This involved him walking across a freezing cold river, falling down a mountain, drinking unclean water from a river, getting his face nearly burnt by a fire and climbing up several mountains for long distances in cold weather. Joel Shelton was responsible for most of the camerawork. During one of the opening scenes, the director nearly fell down the side of a mountain, but was warned by the boom operator of the danger he was almost in.

The Man from Ruin was shot with a Canon Vixia G20 in digital 35mm film and rendered for 2K resolution. Editing was conduced in Final Cut Pro X by the director and two supervising editors.


Joel Shelton announced that the film will be released on August 28, 2016 for limited release.[4] The Man from Ruin will also be sent to several film festivals around the world and will be available digitally at a later date. Editing was conduced in Final Cut Pro X by the director and and two assistant editors that supervised the process.


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