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The Miracle Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2000 with a mission to empower orphans to reach their full potential. The organization transforms struggling, institutional orphanages into stable, nurturing homes where children thrive. By partnering with existing orphanages to implement their proven and systematic method, The Miracle Foundation creates a home where the fundamental rights of children are met, enabling them to become self-sustaining members of our world community. The funding for the care of the children is primarily achieved through monthly sponsorships and individual donations.

File:Orphans with hands up.jpg
Orphans supported by The Miracle Foundation

Orphan Crisis

In 2012, UNICEF reported there were 31 million orphans in India.[1] The impact of HIV/AIDS on the orphan population is not yet fully known, but an Info Change India news feature claims that "India is home to the largest number of AIDS orphans in the world."[2] UNICEF believes that the number of orphans will continue to rise globally due to HIV/AIDS.[3] UNICEF sees India's increasing orphan population as symptomatic of a global orphan crisis.


In 1999, Caroline Boudreaux, Founder of The Miracle Foundation, and her friend Christine Poynor set off on a trip around the world. In May 2000, they arrived in India, where for five years prior, Poynor had sponsored a young boy. She wanted to meet him and was pleased to discover he was exactly as his letters had described him. He had, indeed, received all of her letters and financial support. Although the assistance the young boy had received was helping him, the women were horrified by the sheer extent of the poverty and problems facing the many orphans of India. Boudreaux and Poynor later visited a home for orphaned children. After dinner, a little girl named Sheebani came up to Boudreaux and rested her head on her knee. While putting Sheebani to bed, Boudreaux discovered that Sheebani slept on wooden slats without any pillows, blankets or mattresses. Boudreaux states that her life changed when she heard Sheebani's bones knock against the wood of her 'bed.' The Miracle Foundation was born that day, Mother's Day 2000. Upon her return to the United States, Boudreaux started The Miracle Foundation and has been working to improve the lives of orphans every day since.

Caroline Boudreaux with kids supported by The Miracle Foundation


The Miracle Foundation is based in Austin, Texas and also has an office in New Delhi, India. The orphanages The Miracle Foundation supports are located throughout rural India.


The Miracle Foundation empowers orphans to reach their full potential. To do this, the organization provides the orphans they support with a loving, nurturing environment in which the children thrive.

As a small nonprofit organization with very few employees and large number of volunteers, The Miracle Foundation has kept overhead costs low. This results in a large percentage of donations going to direct care of orphans, rather than administrative costs. On average, 82% of all donations go directly to program services.

The Miracle Foundation's Work

The Miracle Foundation does more than give financial support to orphanages. It is in the capacity-building business. The organization provides in-depth training for the management, staff and housemothers at each orphanage it supports. Under The Miracle Foundation’s guidance, the orphanages transform and learn to provide a better depth of care for each child.

The Miracle Foundation also teaches the orphanage leaders how to secure local funding. This enables the orphanages to lift orphaned children out of poverty, and the results motivate the orphanage staff and children alike.

The Miracle Foundation’s method is a scalable and measurable model, based on the United Nations Rights of the Child and created from best practices. The Miracle Foundation has codified each of the rights with specific and measurable standards, and the organization supports each orphanage with milestone-based funding according to the progress they make.

The Miracle Foundation's method ensures every child gets what he or she needs to be healthy and thrive. Clean water, nutritious food, clothes, essential healthcare, a good education, and love are all part of giving children the childhood they deserve. The Miracle Foundation works every day to make certain children have everything they need to grow into self-sustaining adults and help alleviate the negative effects of generational poverty.

The effectiveness of The Miracle Foundation’s method is profoundly demonstrated by the progress each orphanage has made in dramatically improving the lives of the orphans in their care. The Miracle Foundation continues to identify orphanages with potential for successfully implementing the method, thus changing the lives of more and more orphans for the better. The capacity-building interventions The Miracle Foundation conducts are essential – paired with funding support, they transform orphanages and improve the quality of life for vulnerable, orphaned children.

File:Orphan of The Miracle Foundation.jpg
Beautiful girl supported by The Miracle Foundation

Ways to Get Involved

The Miracle Foundation has created several programs that enable interested and committed people to support their mission, as well as receive the benefits inherent in making a difference in others’ lives. These programs include:

Sponsorship Program: The Miracle Foundation provides a monthly giving program that guarantees children clean water, nutritious food, high-quality healthcare, an excellent education, the support of an on-site social worker, and a loving home – all they need to thrive.

Ambassador Program: The Miracle Foundation Ambassadors are volunteers who travel to visit the orphanages. Upon their return, they are moved to continue to serve the children by sharing their experiences with others, encouraging them to get involved and also support The Miracle Foundation’s mission.


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