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The Superior Human? is a 2012 documentary film by writer/director Samuel McAnallen and research advisor/producer Dr. Jenia Meng,[1] starring Gary Yourofsky, Drs. Steven Best, Bernard Rollin, and Richard D. Ryder,. It is the first documentary to challenge the common belief that humans are superior to other species of life. It suggests that the belief in human superiority is the cause of destruction of the environment and animal cruelty.[2][3] The film is dedicated to Earth April.[no citations needed here]


Using satire and sarcasm, the film evaluates and refutes 18 arguments often cited by believers in human superiority over other species. The most fundamental of these arguments is human consciousness. The film refutes Cartesian dualism, the source of the separation of mind and body advocated by René Descartes. Descartes believed that non-human species were not conscious, therefore they could not feel pain. This view is challenged by Dr. Rollin.

Dr. Ryder presents his theory of speciesism, a prejudice similar in result to racism.

The film suggests that many cultures around world have higher level of reverence for non-human species than Abrahamic religions .


Dr Nick Wood (stage name Nick Gylaw), a Math PhD of Cambridge University,[4][5] narrated the documentary.


The film received more than one hundred reviews.[6][7][8] Marc Bekoff wrote "I learned a lot from this documentary and I’m sure you will too. Sit back and enjoy it and share it widely". Gypsy Wulff wrote “It would be hard for any person NOT to be challenged by the basic and proven truths found in this visual smorgasbord.”[9] On 23 March 2013 the film was released on DVD.[10]


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