The Three Bogatyrs on Distant Shores

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The Three Bogatyrs on Distant Shores (Russian: Три богатыря на дальних берегах) is a Russian full-length animated film produced by the Melnitsa Animation Studio, 2012, a continuation of the franchise The Three Bogatyrs.

The film was released on the big screen December 27, 2012 in 2D and 3D. Private screening was held on December 11 in Moscow in the cinema "October".


From abroad, Kolyvan arrives to Baba Yaga (a witch from Russian folklores). Kolyvan disguises in the style of a person from XVII-XVIII centuries and puts a wig onto himself as he is afraid the Prince of Kiev already knows about the things he has done in the second film . At the bazaar, Iulli the horse sees him and thinks he`s a German and brings him to the Prince of Kiev. There, Kolyvan tells the Prince about Europe. The Prince believes him and brings the Western traditions to the Russian Empire. Without realizing, Kolyvan brings the boyar to his side. But the next day, the Three Bogatyrs should come, and the Prince removes Kolyvan from power.

Kolyvan and Baba Yaga plan to take rule over Kiev. Baba Yaga gets the Bogatyrs to go inside a huge barrel, which is brought out into the open ocean. Soon, Kolyvan and Baba Yaga head to the palace. Kolyvan and Baba Yaga take over the palace and the Prince and Iulli flee from the two Giant Bunnies Baba Yaga got from her magic box. Kolyvan soon announced to the people that the Prince appointed him as the ruler. At first, the people didn`t believe him, but then the clones of the Bogatyrs the witch made, appear and say that what Kolyvan said is true. Meanwhile, the real Bogatyrs find themselves on an exotic island and come to the Papuans. The Papuans name the Bogatyrs Great Kings and beg them to save them from the giant gorilla Gomumu. The Three Bogatyrs defeat Gomumu and he promises to never attack the Papuans again.

In Kiev, Kolyvan robs the citizens` valuables, and Baba Yaga organizes a ball. The wives of the Bogatyrs learn that their husbands are fake: they do not cast shadows and are not reflected in the mirrors, and behave quite strangely. Iulli, the Prince of Kiev, Tikhon and the Granny organise a guerrilla movement. At the farm, the two Giant Bunnies find them, but a cow saves them.

The Prince appears in the city and urges the citizens to rebel against Kolyvan and Baba Yaga. The wives and the Serpent Gorynych make their way into the palace and want to defeat Kolyvan and Baba Yaga. They escape and are forced underground where they call the two Giant Bunnies out of the magic box again. The citizens ran away, and the heroes were all caught by the bunnies. Soon the real Bogatyrs come and save them. Kolyvan and Baba Yaga manage to escape. At the end of the film, the clones of the Bogatyrs go on a small raft with the Papuans to be their Great Kings.

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