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The Tour Million
The Tour Million (Template:As of)
Type of site
Pixel advertising
Template:Begin hiddenTemplate:End hidden
Owner Ryan Windsor
Alexa rank Template:DecreasePositive 16,595,446 (Template:As of)[1]
Commercial Yes
Launched 20 July 2011
Current status Active


The Tour Million is a one million pixel pixel advertising (often referred to as pixel marketing) website. The website was created by Reserve 123 and operates as an advertising and social media site for travel companies and tour operators.[2]


Advertisers listed on The Tour Million site purchase squares on the pixel grid in increments of 10 x 10 pixel squares which are priced at $50 USD each or $0.50 USD per pixel.

History & Launch

The launch date for this site was 20 July 2011. and the subdomain on where the pixel grid is hosted, will remain online for at least three years from its launch date in 2011. When the Tour Million pixels are sold out, two additional years will be added to the life of the site giving it a minimum lifespan of five years total.[3]


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