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Hello Venus debut with their first single,"Venus" on January 18,followed by their 2nd single "What r u doin today".

2008:Would you stay for a tea,1st mini album

they had their comeback on March 9,with their 1st mini album 'We Are Venus' with the title track "Would you stay for a tea"

2009:Rise in Popularity,New Members,"BANG"

they had their comeback with their 3rd single Bang which makes Nana her debut with the group.They won 4 awards.

2010:Flashback,New Member,"2nd mini album

they had their comeback with their 4th single flashback with a new member Kaeun.they release their 2nd album on September 19.

2011:Line up Changes,"Sexy Comeback"

on January 20, pledis announced that ara will be departed from the group and nana will get hiatused to focus on her studies. They had their comeback with ther 5th single "Sticky StickY"

2012:Wiggle Wiggle,Controversy

they had their comeback on April 9 with "Wiggle wiggle" which have been banned on MBC.

2013:Im Ill,Nana's Comeback

they had their comeback on June 9, 2013 with their 7th single "Im Ill", and their 3rd mini album "Pleasure". On November 9, 2014 pledis announced that nana will be back in hello venus and continue in the groups promotions

2014:Sub-Unit,Line up changes

On February 20,Pledis announced that hello venus will be having a sub unit "SISTAR" consists of Alice,Nara and pledis trainees Dasoma and hyomin. On March 29,Pledis announced that Alice,Nara and Sooyoung did not renew their contract with pledis thus Alice will continue her promotions with Sistar under JYP Ent.while Nara will be departed from both HV and Sistar,she signed with YG Ent to focus on her solo career.Sooyoung is signed with SM Ent and redebut with a new girl group f(x) on 2015. Pledis announced that Hv will not having a comeback due to the departures.

2015:Line Up Change,"You Think"

On January 18, their 7th anniversary they had their awaited comeback with the song "You Think".with new members Yoona,Hwayoug and Kaeun. On March 10,they released their 4th mini album "I am Venus".On September 5,Pledis announced that yoo Ara Will Be returning to the group after a 4 years and 8 months of being inactive.She will be part on the group's comeback on 2016.

2016-present:Comeback Announcement

They announced their comeback will be on april.

<timeline> ImageSize = width:1000 height:200 PlotArea = width:405 height:175 left:75 bottom:20 Alignbars = justify DateFormat = mm/dd/yyyy Period = from:2007 till:2016 TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal format:yyyy

Colors =

 id:1g value:rgb(1,0,0) legend:1st Generation
 id:2g value:rgb(1,0.5,0) legend:2nd Generation
 id:3g value:rgb(1,0.9,0) legend:3rd Generation


Legend = orientation:vertical position:right ScaleMajor = unit:year increment:1 start:2007 gridcolor:black

PlotData =

 color:blue width:10 textcolor:black align:left anchor:from
 bar:Yoo_Ara     from:start till:03/30/2011 Color:1g
 bar:Yoo_Ara     from:09/05/2015 till:end Color:1g
 bar:Kailee    from:start till:end Color:1g
 bar:Lime      from:start till:end Color:1g
 bar:Alice   from:start till:04/24/2014 Color:1g
 bar:Nara  from:start till:03/09/2014 Color:1g
 bar:Sooyoung  from:start till:03/09/2014 Color:1g
 bar:Nana    from:01/21/2009 till:04/26/2011 Color:2g
 bar:Nana     from:11/09/2013 till:end Color:2g
 bar:Kaeun    from:02/05/2010 till:end Color:2g
 bar:Yeoreum  from:02/24/2015 till:end Color:3g
 bar:Hwayoung    from:02/24/2015 till:end Color:3g
 bar:Yoona    from:02/24/2015 till:end Color:3g


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