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To Love Somebody[1] is a 2014 micro budget romantic drama film written and directed by Ben Rider, and stars Darren O'Connor, Johanna Taylor, Lee Peck and Tanya Winsor. It is Ben Rider's debut as a writer and director.[2]


The film follows two couples as they attempt to weather their issues - one couple, Mike and Meryl, attempt to move pass their loss, whilst the other, Tim and Joanna, attempt to come together on mutual grounds as to what it is that they want from the relationship.[3]


  • Lee Peck as Mike
  • Darren O'Connor as Joanna
  • Johanna Taylor as Tim
  • Tanya Winsor as Meryl


The film's release was delayed due to a copyright infringement complication with one of the film's performers.[4]

The film was made available on DVD and VOD in the United States of America in January 2015 through[5] and Vimeo on Demand.[6]


After its its prolonged delay,[7] the film received mixed reviews.

The Andrew Woltman Film Reviewer praised the film for its throwback style, 'the sounds and visuals take you back to the era of French New Wave. Whilst today's audiences are used to a more traditional movie experience, the risks that Rider takes will no doubt impress the cinema aficionado.'[8]

Proscroptions sighted the film as being less successful in terms of actually acting as a study of people, but rather brought attention to its form of being 'a study on the nature of the cinematic art itself,' acting as 'a kind of artistic verdict' for both film, and the filmmaker's debut film.[9]

GirlsOnFilm criticised the film, sighing Rider's 'thinly' spread resources as a main problem to the film's look, as well as its overuse of cinematic styles.[10]

MoAboutMovies praised the film-maker for his handling of the production duties of a first feature, bringing attention to the film's depiction of its characters. He concluded on a positive note: 'this is confident film-making with careful attention to using the tools of the craft... I look forward to seeing more from this talented film-maker.'[11]

UKFast brought attention to the film's positive technological use, and importance of encouraging filmmakers to use the developing tools of digital cinema.[12]

Awards and nominations


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