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Today Translations is a translations service provider, founded by Jurga Zilinskiene in 2001, based in the City of London.[1] The company has a global reach, with over 2,600 staff , providing and interpreting and translating in more than 160 languages.[2]

The firm was funded with £13,000 of Zilinskiene’s own savings and continues to operate without external funding.[3][4][5][6][7]

The firm uses database software Zilinskiene designed and evolved from the start of the business.[3][4][6]

The company was noted in the media for polls to find out the ‘world’s most untranslatable word’[8] and another to identify ‘the world’s most romantic word’.[9]

It has also attracted press attention for other stunts, including the hiring of regional Geordie[10] Glaswegian,[11] Scouse[12] and Glaswegian[13] translators. The recruitment of regional interpreters was seen as controversial in some media, but Zilinskiene disagreed, saying, "People in Newcastle and Liverpool shouldn’t be offended by this. The accent gives them a strong regional identity and they should be proud of it".[14] They have also advertised for speakers of Brooklynese.[15] The company maintains that its regional recruitment campaign was motivated by a genuine need to enable foreign business people to do business more easily in the regions. According to Zilinskiene, "We are aware that some of our foreign and UK clients can find the Glaswegian accent difficult to decipher. While it's unusual for us to want someone to translate a dialect of English, there is a clear demand".[16]


  • Shell LiveWire Award for Young Entrepreneurs in 2003.[17]
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award for International Trade in 2006.[18]


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