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[[Category:Deleted {{{month}}} {{{year}}}]] William Alexander McClam (born December 6, 1992), known by his stage name TooSmooth, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, and entrepreneur. Recording Industry Association of America and National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Member

Musical artist

Early life

McClam[1] was born on December 6, 1992 In Chicago, Illinois.[2] His Father Edmund Malone McClam, a former Senior Library Specialist at Chicago State University And His Mother Alice Ella Brown, a Preschool Teacher For Chicago Public Schools. He has an older sister Alice Linda McClam (born July 6, 1990). William's uncle Robert Brown[3](Bob Brown) Is the founder of the Chicago Black Panther Chapter and supporter of the All-African People's Revolutionary Party (A-APRP) Founded by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. McClam, His mother and older sister lived with his Grandmother on the South side of Chicago There he Attended Esmond Elementary School from Kindergarten to 8th Grade. His family (Mother and Sister) later moved to Schaumburg, Illinois the summer of 2007 After he Graduated from 8th Grade. Later that year William attended James B. Conant High School.[4] He Graduated High School a year early (Class of 2010) to get a head start on his music career. While attending Conant William Participated in Track and Field and Cross country running. The name TooSmooth Was inspired by an administrator from his High School, By him getting in trouble often William would "Smooth Talk His Way Out of Trouble" (Said TooSmooth) So the name stuck. Smooth started his own Record Label Lights Out Entertainment LLC right after High School Graduation in 2010 Making TooSmooth the first Rapper and Record Label Owner to attend James B. Conant High School.

Music career

[5] TooSmooth[6] released his first Single In Love[7] September 11, 2011 a week later his song was played on Globegig Radio a Independent UK station. The first time TooSmooth was played outside the USA. Smooth's First Album The Come Up Vol.1 (Baby, Steps)[8] Was released December 30, 2011. TooSmooth went on to Self Release two more Albums The Come Up Vol.2 (Stage, Lights),[9] [10]The Come Up Vol.3 (Signed)[11] and one EP I Am TooSmooth- EP[12] TooSmooth's First Music Video[13] and First single from Self released album The Come Up Vol.3 (Signed) "Future Dreams"[14] Was released on VEVO[15] and MTV MTV.com[16] TooSmooth's Latest Single About You was Released May 6, 2014 Spotify[17] Released the single under there US New Releases Playlist along with Major artist like Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Austin Mahone and many other artist. That same week Lights Out Entertainment LLC (Independent Label) Became Apart of the[18] Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Listing TooSmooth and his Record Label Among Major Labels of America. William is also a National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Member (NARAS) Granting him the Privilege to Vote and Attend the Grammys each year.


List of Albums
Title Album details
The Come Up Vol.1 (Baby, Steps)
  • Released: December 30, 2011[19]
  • Label: Lights Out Entertainment
  • Formats: CD, Digital download
The Come Up Vol.2 (Stage, Lights)
  • Released: June 17, 2012[20]
  • Label: Lights Out Entertainment
  • Formats: CD, Digital download
The Come Up Vol.3 (Signed)
  • Released: September 24, 2013[21]
  • Label: Lights Out Entertainment LLC
  • Format: CD, Digital download
I Am TooSmooth- EP
  • Released: June 18, 2013[22]
  • Label: Lights Out Entertainment LLC
  • Formats: CD, Digital download


  • In Love (2011)[23]
  • It's Your Time (2011)[24]
  • One For Me (Eda) (2012)[25]
  • Experience (Eda) (2012)[26]
  • Exodus 23:1 (Tell All) (2012)[27]
  • Future Dreams (2012)[28]
  • 9 to 5 (2013)[29]
  • Bad Luck (2013)[30]
  • About You (2014)[31]


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