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Template:Use Irish English Template:Infobox newspaper Trinity College Miscellany (Lately stylised as "MIS©") is a student publication in Trinity College, Dublin, founded in 1894. It is part of the Trinity Publications stable of student-run newspapers and magazines, and as such its sister publications include Trinity News, Icarus and The Piranha.

Miscellany was first published as a newspaper T.C.D. - A College Miscellany in 1895 and based its title on the defunct Kottabos: A College Miscellany, a literary journal published between 1868 and 1895. The magazine has been published under various names since 1979, including New Miscellany, Miscellany and T.C.D. Miscellany.

For most of its history the Miscellany was edited by a different student in each of Trinity's three terms, producing several issues in each, but in recent years the editorship has been passed on annually. Two men who went on to edit The Irish Times, John E. Healy and Alec Newman, edited the magazine in its early years. Other distinguished past editors include William Bedell Stanford, Bruce Arnold, Vivian Mercier, Conor Cruise O'Brien, Paul McGuinness, Shane Ross, Donnell Deeny, Robert Hilliard, Ken Bruen, Damien Kiberd and Ken Early. Contributors over the years include Samuel Beckett, Terence O'Neill, Anthony Clare, David Norris and Leo Varadkar.

Volume 105 was produced as a collaboration between Trinity Publications and University College Dublin Philosophy Society. Two issues were produced which had editors from both institutions and were distributed on both campuses.

The magazine held its first ever launch party, celebrating the publication of Volume 121, Issue 2,[1] on 5 December 2013, under the editorship of Denise Wilkinson. The event was held in J.W. Sweetman, Dublin 2, with music provided by "The Swing Chinchillas" and TCD Jazz Society.

Full list of editors

Issue Editor(s)
122 Aisling Ní Mhaoláin and Louise Lamb
121 M. D. Wilkinson
120 C. Burnett
119 E. McCahill
118 P. Dennison
117 C.J. McKinney
116 J. Acheson
115 S. Fortune
114 A. Ryan
113 D. Owens
112 N. Fleming-Farrell, R. Delaney
111 N. Fleming-Farrell
110 N. Fleming-Farrell, C. Lawlor
109 H. Fychan
108 H. Fychan, J. Fitzgerald
107 N. Murphy, A.N. Semple
106 J. Mehigan, J. Nix
105 K. Early, J. Mehigan, S. Sweeney, J. Ryan
104 K. Early, R. Lewis
103 K. Early, C. Green
102 A. Massie, M. Magee
101 A. Massie, B. Walsh
100 B. Walsh
99 D. Roche
98 D. Roche
97 D. Roche
96 D. Roche
95 T. Wall
94 T. Wall
93 Unknown
92 I. Fleming
91 T. Toibin
90 J. Noble
89 Unknown
88 Not named
87 P. Cannon
86 P. Cannon
85 Unknown
84 Unknown
83 Unknown
82 Unknown
81 E. Brazil, E. Parkinson, D. Kiberd
80 E. Maguire, J. Casey, S. Gilligan
79 B. Rogers, F. Dunne, A. McClurg
78 D. Knox, K. Bruen, N. Hamilton, T. Foley, T. Sanders, D. Boland
77 D.J.P. Deeny, S. Duff, T. Heron
76 T. Gaj, S.P.N. Ross, P. McGuinness
75 J. Marriott, M. Keegan, C. Brown
74 J. Armstrong, S. Kelly, E. Gillespie
73 S.A. Walmsley, M. McConnell
72 M. Messenger, D. Roberts, D. Warner
71 S. MacDonald, P. Stocken
70 P. Gower, J. Lewis, J. Kelly, M. Yeats
69 D. de Vere White, L. Howes
68 T. Webb, J, Bugler, P. Strahern
67 P. Bell, M. Dibb, I. Dunlop
66 M. Moffett, G. Johnson, B. Arnold, I. Blake
65 S.A. Barcroft, R.W. Ewart, T.J. Brady
64 R.St.G. Sides, J.A. Poynton, N. O'Howard-Avison
63 D.M. Neligan, C.R. Haskins, J.H.F. Campbell
62 D.R. Pack-Beresford, E. Wood, R.St.G. Sides
61 A.G. Anderson, P.D.H. Riddell, J.R. Cole
60 G. Malcomson, [?] Tottenham, M.T. Malone-Barrett
59 W. Webb, A.J.M. Synge, W.G. Simpson
58 H.R.F. Keating, B.V. Share, W.A. Payne, D.M. McDonnell
57 R. Graham, D. Stewart Cross, F.J. Lewis
56 J.B. Roach, J.K. White, G. Wilde
55 R. Hackett, W.F. McCormick, J.S. Jackson
54 B. Farrington, R.H.S. Boyd, N.N. Wells
53 D.A.R. Chillingworth, R. Gamble, J. Heuston
52 J.E. McKeon, E.R. Hayes, D. Moore
51 J.L. Brooks, W. Thompson, B.H. Williamson
50 J.R. Cross, W.E.R. Hackett, J.L. Brooks
49 A.N. Jeffares, J. Roundhill, M.J.F. Mathews
48 B.W. Maguire, T.H. Lyle, J.D. Llewellyn-Jones
47 J.W. Kennedy, E.R.R. Green, R.L. McClelland, W.J. White
46 V.H.S. Mercier, G.D.P. Allt, B. Solomons, W.J. White
45 R.P.C. Hanson, A.T. Hanson, D.C. Cruise O'Brien
44 D.A.P. Murphy, R.B. McBirney, J.D.W. Hughes
43 J.R.C. Green, W.P.M. Ross, M.E. Tapissier
42 C.A. Herbert, F.A.G. Willis, G.D.P. Allt
41 G.F. Mitchell, D.A. Webb, S. Garvin
40 T.G. Tyrrell, J.M. Beaumont, M. Farrell,
39 R.P. McDermott, G.O. Simms, W.M. Atkins
38 E.C. Allberry, R.M. Hilliard, L.H. Yodaiken
37 H.G. Yates, W.B. Stanford, J.S. Alcorn
36 J.S.R. Cole, R.W. Reynolds, N.R. Fleming
35 W.F. Pyle, C.W.W. Ryan, G.S. Power
34 G.E. Gill, W.J.K. Mandy, R.B.D. French
33 A.H.M. Hillis, L.T. Fleming, A.C. Strahan
32 R.E. McGuire, F.H. Boland, A. Newman
31 L.G.P. Freer, J. Kennedy, R.R. Woods
30 J.R. Gregory, I.E. Jones, D.St.C Mackenzie
29 E.C. Micks, R.H. McKeag, W.I.P. McDonogh
28 M. Wilson, F. Moore, W.R. Aykroyd
27 L.J.D. Richardson, J.L. Woods, W.F. Patton, M. Wilson
26 R.N.D. Wilson, W.F. Fearon, W. McCausland Stewart
25 C.J.L. Brock, T.C. Kingsmill Moore, G.S.B. Mack, T.F.L. Carey
24 T.C. Kingsmill Moore, A.J. Leventhal, J.C. Davis
23 L.J.D. Richardson, T.D.M. Bartley
22 T.D.M. Bartley, T.C. Kingsmill Moore, J.C. Bennett
21 W.C. de Pauley, G.C.P. Stevenson, B. Farrington
20 B.St.J Galvin, W.A. Spence, J.H. Magowan
19 W.E. Henry, J.H.F. Leland, T.D.M. Bartley
18 H.M.W. Burd, F.S. Thomas, H.M.O. White
17 M.H. FitzGerald, J. Austin, O. Beckett, W.E. McClelland
16 J. Austin, C.B. Armstrong, D.H. Cole
15 H.C. Macnamara, J.G. Acheson
14 R. McCombe, T.M. Barker, J.M. Henry
13 C.J.H. Adderley, W.H.A. O'Grady
12 J.H. Monroe, T.W. Bridge
11 W.J. van Zijl, A.S. Quekett, H.S.B. Taylor
10 J.M. FitzGerald, J.S.S. Johnston, T.S.C. Dagg
9 F.V. Gordon
8 C.H. Darley, A.J.B. Whyte
7 A.J.B. Whyte, W.J.D. Thackwell
6 J.H. Lepper, F.A. Longworth, C.H. Darley
5 E.V. Longworth, F.A. Longworth
4 J.E. Healy, E.V. Longworth
3 J.E. Healy
2 R.H. Ryland
1 G. Freeman Irwin, J.O. Murray


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