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Triplebyte is a recruiting company whose focus is on technical recruiting.[1] The company tries to reduce reliance on whiteboard programming questions and resume screening.


Triplebyte was founded by Harj Taggar (CEO), Ammon Bartram (Chief Data Officer), and Guillaume Luccisano (chief technology officer).[2][3] The company was part of Y Combinator's summer class of 2015.[4]

In September 2015, the company raised $3 million from Y Combinator founders Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston, among others.[5][6]

In May 2016, the company announced their Engineer Genome Project, which maps out the seven attributes that companies care most about in their engineers.[6][7] The project uses software to match engineers' skill distribution in the seven attributes to companies that are a good fit for those engineers.[8]

Hiring philosophy

Triplebyte thinks each startup has different ideas on what a "great engineer" is.[5]

Triplebyte does not accept resumes.[9] Instead, it conducts a two-part technical evaluation,[6] and only asks about a candidate's education after they have passed the technical interview.[10]

Business model

Triplebyte takes from companies 25% of the first-year salary of those it helps to hire, with a six-month period for refunds.[1] The software engineers that are hired through Triplebyte do not pay Triplebyte.

The company also collects data on what makes a good software engineer, which could help to automate the interviewing process.[1]

Companies that have used Triplebyte

Companies that have used Triplebyte for recruiting include:[6][8]

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