Two tickets to Heaven

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Two tickets to Heaven is a Russian mystery, Detective, and Comedy movie.


Two scientists, the historian Alexander Yarovoy and the physicist Alexander Granin, accidentally find photos which show gravestones with suspicious dates of life. Friends go to Northern Romania to investigate this case. None of them expected to face mortal danger proceeding from ghosts, which revenge more than 500 years against the living for their death.


  • Boris Dragilev
  • Ilya Tribelsky
  • Ilia Ivakhnov
  • Dmitry Lobov
  • Olga Max
  • Andrey Chunarev
  • Ruslan Sadiev
  • Mikhail Ivanov
  • Alexey Chistyakov
  • Daniil Timofeev
  • Liliya Sleputina
  • Igor Lebedev
  • Satnislav Stepanov
  • Nina Bombina
  • Katya Stul
  • Rinat Akhmetsjanov
  • Anton Firsov


  • Los Angeles CineFest (LACF) 2016
  • Grindhouse Planet Film Festival (GPFF) 2016
  • Queen City Film Festival (QCFF) 2016 [1]


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