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Tyler John Skluzacek (born December 10, 1993) is an American computer scientist and entrepreneur from rural Southern Minnesota. He is most widely known for his work with the development of health-related applications for smartwatches, and as the inventor of the smartwatch-based application, MyBivy. He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, and attends the University of Chicago.[1]


High School

From 2008 until graduating in 2012, Skluzacek attended Montgomery-Lonsdale High School located in rural Montgomery, Minnesota. Acting as the president of the school's student council his senior year, and attending the state Knowledge Bowl competition,[2] Skluzacek was a visible member of the small town's community. He graduated as valedictorian of his class, and was one of few students from the district to go on to attend a well-known higher education institution.[3]


As a student majoring in applied mathematics and statistics, computer science, and economics, Skluzacek made a large impact during his senior year at Macalester College when he developed an app for the Pebble smartwatch to treat night terrors associated with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) at HackDC, a 36-hour app development "hackathon" in Washington D.C.[4] This invention granted Skluzacek a huge amount of media coverage all over the globe.[5] He is set to graduate with three majors in the spring of 2016.

Tyler is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Chicago.

Professional career


MyBivy is a cross-platform smartwatch app, and health technology company named after a bivouac shelter. The app's main function is to prevent night terrors associated with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and functions on most common smartphones and smartwatches. The app works by monitoring the heart rate and movement of patients while they sleep, and gently vibrating when a disturbance or night terror is detected. This vibration often causes night terrors to subside without ever waking the patient.[6] The app was developed in an attempt by Skluzacek to cure his father's PTSD. His father, Sgt. First Class Patrick Skluzacek, was diagnosed with the disorder after his first tour with the United States Army in Iraq as a convoy commander while Skluzacek was attending middle school in 2005. Currently, the app is in development in coordination with a Minneapolis-based app development firm MentorMate, and is set for release for clinical testing later in 2016.[7]