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Unitus Seed Fund is a venture fund investing in startups in India.[1][2][3] It’s investment focus areas are healthcare, education, consumer services and financial technology.

Based in Bangalore and Seattle (Washington, USA), Unitus Seed Fund was founded in 2012 to help startups prepare for growth via seed funding, strategic and operating support, providing critical connections and securing growth capital. It first fund was USD 23 million and in 2016 it started raising a second fund with a target of USD 50 million.[4][5]


Unitus Seed Fund was started in 2011 by Unitus Group, a financial services group founded in 2000 with the goal of making money while reducing global poverty.[6][7] In the summer of 2012, Unitus Seed Fund spun out of Unitus Group as a separate venture investment management company and fund in order to scale-up investing operations.[no citations needed here]


Template:Pressrelease Since 2012, Unitus Seed Fund has invested in 21 Indian startups across education, healthcare, financial technology and consumer services:


  • Hippocampus Learning Centres[8] - Affordable quality kindergarten centres and tutoring for rural India
  • Cuemath[9] - Disrupting the K8 tuitions market with micro-franchised learning programs
  • Curiositi[10] - Science activity kits for students from Grades 3-10 to make learning more effective
  • LabInApp[11] - Mobile apps that create a 3D virtual lab for science experiments for school kids
  • iSTAR[12] - Training and employability services for undergraduate college students


  • UE LifeSciences Inc.[13] - Affordable breast cancer screening services to enable early disease detection for all
  • AddressHealth[14] - Comprehensive paediatric care network through school outreach and primary clinics
  • Welcare Health Systems[15] - Preventing blindness through low cost tele-ophthalmology services
  • Smile Merchants[16] - Affordable dental care for Tier 2 and 3 towns in urban, semi-urban and rural India

Financial Technology

  • Milaap[17] - Online platform for social-focused crowdfunding and micro-lending

Consumer Services

  • BetterPlace Safety Solutions[18] - Technology driven “Safety As a Service” provider
  • Blowhorn[19] - Uber model for intra-city mini-truck deliveries
  • OneClickWash[20] - Organized end-to-end home laundry service
  • DriveU[21] - Mobile-first, on-demand personal driver service
  • Urban Tailor[22] - Organized tailoring services for women’s garments
  • Jack On Block (Exited) - Home and small business facility services
  • mGaadi (Exited) - SaaS service provider for fleet operators


  • VillFarm Agrisolutions[23] - Sustainable agri-products company

Retails and E-commerce

  • Caravan Craft[24] - Handcrafted global woman’s fashion and home décor with luxury quality and affordable prices
  • GoCoop[25] - Leading online marketplace for co-operatives and community-based enterprises
  • Jiffstore (Exited) - M-Commerce solution for small shops


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