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Hello I'm Noel Koutlis of Athens, Greece

I'm working in the information technology sector of Greece since 1985 when I first published "open source" computer programs for home computers in computer magazines of the era, one of them being a paint program called "SuperPaint". One notable program "Greek for Sinclair QL" added the ability to write Greek characters to Sinclair's (then new) semi-professional computer. Since then I have enabled Greek character support in several devices, dot matrix and laser printers, DOS, and Windows versions 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1, mostly in the 80s. I also created "Font Editors" that helped create Greek glyphs or other characters in various devices, mostly dot matrix printers.

While working at a hardware and software distributor in Greece (called Pouliadis Associates Corp) in the 90s, I ignited the creation of the Microsoft branch in Greece and I wrote the proposal and business plan to create the national PTT internet provider in Greece, then called OTENET, then merged to the parent company COSMOTE.

I'm a promoter of computer literacy, having promoted hundreds of technologies in the Greek IT market in the last 35 years and I'm the author of the Greek book "Current Trends in JavaScript"

I enjoy teaching computer technologies and computer languages to young people and I'm also an amateur musician and one of the first publishers of mp3 music in the (late 90's) site

I'm currently employed in Danaos Management Consultants, a consultancy office based in Piraeus, Greece and the maker of Enterprise Asset Management Software for Ship Operators, Ship Managers and Ship owners around the world.

I hold a bachelor degree in Geology (Earth Sciences) from the University of Athens (Kapodistrian), a MBA degree in Engineering-Economic Systems from the National and Technical University of Athens and a Masters degree (MSc) in Advanced Telecommunication Systems and Applications from Harokopio University (also in Athens)

I enjoy reading wikipedia articles and making small edits when I feel I can contribute. I feel that administrators of wikipedia have overrated their power to delete content that took time and effort to create by many contributors, so I wish to contribute to