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Venture Mfg. Co. is a privately owned North American company based in Dayton, Ohio, USA. The organization was founded by Russell E. Hollis in 1971, and was incorporated as an Ohio S-Corporation in 1973. Venture specialized in providing patented jacks and couplers to the Manufactured Housing Industry.. The organization has grown to design and manufactures linear, solar tracking, and slide-out actuators. In addition, Venture also supplies electrical components and supporting products like gear motors and gearboxes. The current President and CEO of the Venture Mfg. Co. is Paul Hollis,[1] son of founder Russell E. Hollis.


Venture was founded in 1971 by Russell E. Hollis.Russell had been successfully working for Phillips Industries which were involved in the Manufactured Housing Industry. He had a vision for the Coupler and Jack product and presented it to Phillips. Their direction was not in line with Russell’s so he started Venture Mfg. Co in the garage of his residence. With some financial backing from some dear friends he rented an old brick building in Downtown Dayton. The company grew quickly due to the popularity of his product as well as setting up key distribution points. Over the next 10 years the company continued to grow.[2] Due to the growth there was a demand for an in house tool room to support the manufacturing capabilities. The created and opportunity for his Son Paul to join the company as he was already working in this trade outside the company.

Mr. Paul Hollis came to Venture in 1982 to manage production support and tool room activities. He advanced to Production Manager and Vice President - Manufacturing and General Manager. He assumed his present responsibility as President/CEO in 2006 when his father and company founder, Russ Hollis, became disabled.[3]


Venture’s first products were patented couplers and jacks, which were designed exclusively for the manufactured housing industry in 1971. As the sales and popularity of the products grew, Venture was incorporated as an Ohio S-Corporation in 1973. The organization then ventured into designing and manufacturing electric linear actuators and commercial actuators in (year). These included actuators for satellite dishes[4] , hospital beds, solar tracking, and slide-out actuators for recreational vehicles.

Apart from these, Venture also delved into supplying secondary products that support their primary line, and the application they would be utilized in. A range of products and components are provided by Venture including DC gear motors, manufactured housing, and custom cables and harnesses. Electrical components were also added and supplied separately and in conjunction with its primary products.

As the products became more successful, Venture expanded its facilities by acquiring two buildings totaling 50,000 square feet in an industrial park in Dayton, Ohio Venture is currently building a 15,000 square foot addition as well as occupying 40,000 square feet of offsite warehouse facilities.[5]


Venture Mfg. Co specializes in designing and manufacturing products[6] related to linear motion technology:

• DC Actuators

• Military Actuators

• Satellite Actuators

• Commercial Actuators

• Electric Linear Actuators

• RV Slide-Out Actuators

• Solar Tracking Actuators

• Stepper Motor Actuators

Secondary Products:

The organization also provides supporting and secondary products for various industries and applications:

• Stampings

• DC Gear Motors

• Custom Cables and Harnesses

• Gearboxes and Motor Gearboxes

• RV Jacks, RV Landing Gear [7], and Accessories

• Manufactured Housing Units, Jacks, and Components

Manufacturing Processes

Venture utilizes four primary manufacturing processes in the production cycle: • Machining

• Stamping

• Welding

• Assembly

Venture also utilizes a variety of manufacturing equipment to support these processes:

• Stamping presses ranging from 20T to 250T

• Multiple automatic robot welding and plasma cutting centers

• Assortment of custom machining centers and ancillary equipment and fixtures

• Eight tube processing cells with high speed tube/bar cutting capacity of up to 3″ square

Venture utilizes multiple supply sources to meet the material requirements for production. Steel is purchased directly from steel mills and from distributors in the forms of sheet, bar stock and tubing. Also, fasteners, die cast parts, and plastic molded parts are acquired from domestic as well as offshore suppliers.

Engineering Processes & Services

The design and manufacturing facility comprises a variety of engineering process and production solutions:

• Robotics

• CAD/CAM Design

• Prototype Creation

• Product Engineering

• Actuator Manufacturing

• Warranty Services

In addition, the organization also provides products and services such as prototype linear actuator design, OEM of linear actuators [8], and tube processing, welding, assembly, and light manufacturing. The organization is also adept at designing various types of prototype products, which can be easily manufactured.

Collaboration & Distribution

In November 2014, Venture Mfg. Co. collaborated with Byan Systems Inc.,[9] an organization that manufactures automated gate systems. Venture was chosen as Byan’s authorized distributor to market the organization’s range of hydraulic swing gate operators. In addition, Venture also provides the following Byan products:

• Battery Back-up

• Industrial Microprocessor

• Electro Mechanical Slider

Venture currently provides these products to customers across North America as well as other countries.

Industrial Markets and Clients

Majority of products offered by Venture are sold to companies in the recreational vehicle and manufactured housing industries. However, Venture also tries to meet the needs of other important markets, including solar tracking, hospital equipment, agriculture, satellite communications [10] and industrial markets. The following is an estimate of the percentages of the organization’s products being sold in the aforementioned markets:

Sr.No. Industrial Markets Percentage
1 Recreational Vehicle Industry 55%
2 Manufactured Housing 15%
3 Commercial/Industrial 15%
4 Solar (Green Energy) 10%
5 Medical 3%
6 Satellite Communications 2%

Renewable Energy

Venture has also made an entry into the renewable energy industry[11] by providing products that support applications related to solar energy. The organization works with several US as well as offshore companies to develop custom actuators to meet green energy industry needs. The custom actuators are designed to provide quick, easy, and continuous repositioning of solar panels for maximum absorption and sorting of solar energy. The work for this industry is currently in progress. Venture has also been awarded numerous production contracts[12] from organizations in Germany, Israel, Spain, and USA.

Future Plans

Seeing the success of their products in the renewable energy industry, Venture is continuing to provide solutions, and are looking at venturing into other areas within the renewable energy sector. The organization is currently exploring opportunities to provide solutions in wind energy.


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