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Template:Bots Voice-to-skull (also known as V2K) is a form of psychotronic weapons technology which would allegedly allow voices or sounds to be transmitted into the head of persons or animals through the implementation of microwave auditory effect.[1]

Circumstantial evidence

  • The United States Air Force Research Laboratory patented the V2K microwave technology in 2002, based upon human experimentation in which phrases were transmitted into the heads of test subjects.[2][3]
  • Sierra Nevada Corporation in the US claimed in 2008 it was ready to build a microwave device - dubbed MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) - able to beam sounds directly into people's heads.[4]
  • Gloria Naylor, a renowned African American writer, claimed to have been subjected to surveillance and mind control in the form of harassing voices in her head, 'taunting voices cursing her, telling her she was stupid, that she couldn't write'.[2]
  • Aaron Alexis, who was a civilian contractor and killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard, wrote that he was under electromagnetic attack (including hearing voices in his head[5]) for three months before his fatal shooting spree.[6]
  • A Pittsburgh man named Frederick Banks filed a $650 million lawsuit against "an unknown number of federal judges and United States covert government agents" and other officials, including U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder for alleged mind manipulation using Voice-to-Skull electronic devices. The case was promptly dismissed.[7]


Some people who hear voices in their heads have claimed the United States government is using Voice-to-Skull technology against them for mind control.[2][8] These fears have received some support from government representatives including Jim Guest[8] who called for a legislative investigation into the claims of those who said they are being tortured by electronic harassment devices,[9] and Dennis Kucinich who proposed legislation to ban psychotronic weapons.[2][10] Kucinich's 2001 bill was publicly ridiculed and quickly dropped.[2]

Alternative explanations

Yale psychiatry professor Ralph Hoffman noted that people traditionally have ascribed voices in their heads to external sources such as government harassment, God, and dead relatives, and it can be difficult to persuade them that their belief in an external influence is delusional.[2] Some experts have compared V2K stories with accounts of alien abductions.[8] Carole Smith, a British psychoanalyst, recognized the similarity between symptoms of schizophrenia and those caused by mind invasive technology.[11]

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