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Template:Use mdy dates Template:Infobox Musician Walter Q. Jackson (born August 25) is an American musician, singer, songwriter, model and actor. He speaks English, Japanese. He visited Japan for the first time 2008. He currently lives and is active in Japan.


Early life

Walter was born in CA, U.S.A on August 25. He has twin siblings.

He started playing music and singing at an early age often accompanying his twin brother by singing background vocals or playing guitar. He picked up many instruments learning to play until eventually learning to play the drum set. He began playing in local band sin high school. Including Neo Soul, a jazz /soul band with his brother and best friend.

Early career

In 2005 Walter began his professional career playing as a live, and in studio session drummer playing in all genre's for a variety of different acts including professional touring bands, choirs, weddings, community events and at many churches.

He then joined a professional performing arts group called the Young Americans in 2008 as a singer and drummer. In this group he was given the opportunity to tour internationally where he eventually ended up touring to and finally settling in Tokyo Japan.

Recent activity

In Japan he currently is an actor, model and singer/songwriter. He plays drums in the band Summer Olympics,[1] and writes, records and performs music for both his personal project, Momo Funk, and for TV commercials, shows, and films.

He is doing his activities mainly in Tokyo.

Music career

Band History – U.S.A

Band name Year Genres Instrument(s)
Neo Soul 2004–2006 Funk / R&B / Soul Drums / Background vocals
Instafu 2004–2005 Ska Drums
Neutral Row 2005–2006 Heavy metal genres Drums
Blak keys 2006–2007 R&B Vocals
The Young Americans 2008–2010 Performing arts Drums / Vocals
Phone booth Music Company 2010–2012 Drums / Background vocals
The Brock Party Jam band Drums / Background vocals
Infusion Vocals / Voice percussion
The Brock Brothers[2] 2012–2015 Funk / Hip hop Drums / Background vocals
Sotobots 2014–2015 Rock Drums

Band History – Japan

Band name Year Genres Instrument(s)
Takashi Umemiya & the comrades 6/2015 – 7/2015 Reggae Drums
Summer Olympics[1]
8/2015 – present Rock Drums
Momo Funk[3] 8/2016 – present Funk / Rock Guitar / Vocals


Year Band Album Title
2013 The Brock Party Not a Cover Band
2016 Summer Olympics '76

Other work

2016 NHK Eigode asobo -Song (えいごであそぼ うた) 『Christmas Is Here』[4]

Other activity



Year Broadcasting station Program
2016 April Mainichi Broadcasting System Sekaino nihonjin suma ha mita (世界の日本人妻は見た!)
2016 November – December BS Japan Pinchi de manabu bijinesu eigo (ピンチで学ぶビジネス英語)


Year Company Note
2015 Oct. All Nippon Airways Blue Wing Music, Vocals
2015 Nov. Subaru WE are XV[5] Music, Vocals
2015 Nov. McDonald's Japan OtegoroMc series (おてごろマックシリーズ)
Line Up (ラインナップ篇)
Babepo (バベポ篇)
Eguchi (エグチ篇)
Music, Vocals
Act as rapper in LineUp
2016 Feb. UNIQLO UT Picks 2016 Spring/Summer series (春夏シリーズ)
Sengen etc. (宣言篇 ほか)[6]
Music, Vocals, Lyrics
2016 Mar. Yo-kai Watch Youkai medal U~ Hello this is a meriken yo-kai (妖怪メダルU ~ Hello This is a メリケン妖怪!~篇)[7] performance
2016 Jan. IKEA Dekakeruyori tanoshii natsu. Dining (出かけるより、楽しい夏。ダイニング篇)[8] Lyrics, Music
2017 Jan. Travelko Kakaku ga mieru fuukei series (価格が見える風景シリーズ)
Tour (ツアー篇)
Plane ticket (航空券篇)
Hotel (ホテル篇)
Music, Lyrics Vocals
2017 Mar. Orico Card Orico Card to Apple Pay de shiharai o subayaku tanoshiku (オリコカードとApple Payで支払いを すばやく楽しく)[9][10] Lyrics Vocals
2017 Mar. Otsuka Pharmaceutical SOYJOY Synchro (SOYJOY 「シンクロ」篇)[11][12] Vocals、
Character Voices


Year Name Note
2015 Oct. Destiny Man magazine
2017 Jan. Penetrar Spring / Summer collection[13]


2017 Feb. 120 LOVE INFERNO Spring collection[15]



He works as an English teacher at language schools for adults, Jr. high, elementary school, after-school juku, and hoikuen/yochien.


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