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The Warwick International Development Summit (WIDS)[1] is an annual, weekend-long conference organised and run by the International Development Society at the University of Warwick. Normally taking place during the first term, WIDS has attracted hundreds of internal and external students, professionals and academics, from a wide range of disciplines. The Summit aims to encourage critical debate and exchange of ideas between different stakeholders in development, as well as raising awareness of development issues and plausible solutions for such global concerns.

International Development encompasses a range of topics addressed by the social sciences department at the University of Warwick, and thus past summits have aimed to address issues covering a range of disciplines, including economics, sociology and international politics. Recent summits have expanded to reflect work done in the field of engineering and art towards development.


In 2006, James Clarke founded the International Development Society at the University of Warwick with the intention of raising awareness to debates in the field of development that were not given enough attention or were only discussed from a biased angle.

"WIDS was established because there didn't seem to be an adequate platform to explore issues of utmost importance for the global poor. The emphasis on development has waned in the wake of the Make Poverty History campaign, and public attention has been re-focused onto disaster relief following the Boxing Day Tsunami". - James Clarke, WIDS Founder and President, 2006.

Since its inception the inaugural summit has attracted over 3,000 visitors, with high-profile speakers from 6 continents. WIDS was named Best New Society at the Warwick Student's Union awards for their work in 2006. The summit has continued to grow rapidly, and has since developed into an internationally recognised event, attracting students all over the UK and Europe.


The Summit in the past has promoted and worked with:


The Summit features around 15-20 speakers during the weekend event, with a mix of speeches, panel debates, forums and workshops. The summit is held annually in the Zeeman Building, University of Warwick, typically in November.

To see the schedule of last year's Summit, please click here.


Notable speakers

WIDS has always aimed to seek some of the leading figures in the field of international development as speakers and panelists. Notable past guests include:


"A great mechanism for global awareness and engagement".[2]

The Guardian

"Superbly executed, the most refreshing and stimulating event, with so many bright and engaged people".

Jon Sopel, BBC correspondent and host of The Politics Show

"[A]n excellent conference ... the turnout was great and people took the topic seriously and were keen to discuss it".

Branko Milanovic, Lead Economist, World Bank

To date have attracted nearly three thousand people. Whilst during the summits the committee make sure that all sponsorships, advertising, partnerships and summit paraphernalia are all Fairtrade, of organic certification and are corporate and socially responsible.

Previous summits


Theme: TBC

Key speakers:


Theme: TBC

Key speakers:


Theme: Ideas for a Better World

Key speakers:


Theme: Resources, Crisis and Conflict: facing up to the new decade
Key speakers:


Theme: Development for the Modern Age: Crisis, Climate and Cooperation
Key speakers:


Theme: Contributions to Development: Help or Hinderance?
Key speakers:

  • Philippe Guichandut, European Microfinance Network
  • Mark Narron, Associate Global Social Investment Funds, Deutsche Bank
  • Patrick Watt, Head of Public Affairs and Campaigns, World Vision


Theme: The Role of Global Governance in International Development
Key Speakers:


(no fixed theme) Key Speakers:

Post-summit magazine

After the summit, the International Development Society executive committee release a magazine offering an in-depth coverage of issues raised during the weekend.

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