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WhatAreYouBuyen is a product review website and YouTube channel that primarily releases product review videos and articles for various product industries including airsoft and tech. The YouTube channel was started in 21 December 2009, and as of October 2015, maintains 66,000 subscribers and 16.1 million video views.[1] WhatAreYouBuyen has had a notable influence in the airsoft industry worldwide, spawning a new genre of comedic airsoft reviews and professional video editing that was not widely seen in the airsoft industry before. This new style of airsoft video reviews have spawned a large amount of imitators and copycat groups trying to make their way into the airsoft industry spotlight.

WhatAreYouBuyen has done promotional deals with large sponsors such as Evike, Airsplat, X-Mode Energy Drinks, Tentacle Grape soda, Reed's, Inc., and Parrot SA. In addition to video reviews, WhatAreYouBuyen also hosts various written content on their website. Several of their videos and skits have been proposed to appear on Season 7 of MTV's Ridiculousness (TV series) due to air in Fall of 2015.

WhatAreYouBuyen is often abbreviated as WAYB by their fans.


Early Years

The YouTube channel was started in December 21, 2009 as a general product review YouTube channel. Creator, Andrew Taraba, had uploaded a variety of product reviews ranging from manga books to electric pianos.[2] It was not until the upload of their first airsoft gun video review, "UHC Super 9 Sniper," did WhatAreYouBuyen begin to experience recognition within the airsoft niche. Since then, their content has been primarily in the airsoft industry.

Since their explosion in popularity in the airsoft industry, WhatAreYouBuyen has produced many videos in conjunction with some of the largest retailers in the United States including Evike, AirsoftStation, and Airsplat. Providing video coverage and airsoft cinematic gameplay footage for SC Village, Airsoft Nation, and other large, nationwide airsoft events. The video style and editing is similar to that of paintball and other televised shooting sports.

The channel has experienced a mixture of criticism and praise as they pioneered into a genre of comedic airsoft gun reviews. Much of the criticism noted that the WhatAreYouBuyen crew had not observed proper gun handling safety practices nor the seriousness of the product while filming their video reviews. The channel's creators have expressed repeatedly in their videos that they do take gun safety very seriously.

Expanding into other industries

On 5 October 2015, WhatAreYouBuyen announced, on their facebook fan page, that they would no longer be filming airsoft gun reviews exclusively and that they would be seeking other opportunities outside the industry.[3] General response from their fan base was positive. This announcement was made after a successful video review of the Apple Watch and Parrot SA Mini Drone. It's likely that the positive fan response from these reviews put pressure on WhatAreYouBuyen to seek other opportunities outside of the airsoft industry.

Video style

WhatAreYouBuyen has been described by

Promotional Work

Parrot Mini Drones

The WhatAreYouBuyen team produced a video review for Parrot SA's Rolling Spider Minidrone, the video featured scenes of sparklers and various fireworks strapped to the mini drone, as well as stunts and antics, usually of the drone crash landing in slow motion. In the video, one of the four propeller motors on the Quadcopter is blown off after performing a stunt where a Cherry bomb is strapped to the drone.

Parrot posted a response to the video review on their official twitter account, "Hats off to @whatareyoubuyen for this insane video featuring Rolling Spider"[4]

Reed's Inc.

Reed's, Inc. popular ginger ale drinks have been featured in WhatAreYouBuyen's videos.


WhatAreYouBuyen's videos feature an assortment of soundtracks from the Monstercat record label via "Monstercat Connect," a service that allows popular YouTube creators to use, promote, and utilize songs released under the label. A majority of their videos since February 2014 contain music from the Monstercat label including features from Cash Cash and Earth, Wind & Fire.[5]


The WhatAreYouBuyen team has produced product reviews for notable airsoft retailer, Evike, including reviews of the airsoft versions of M1903 Springfield, Sterling submachine gun, Bizon SMG, and 40 mm grenade.


The WhatAreYouBuyen team has produced product reviews for notable retailer, Airsplat including reviews of the airsoft versions of Minigun, Glock, IMI Desert Eagle, Heckler & Koch UMP, and Revolver.

Television and other media


The group had been in discussions for featuring some of their viral videos on MTV's Ridiculousness (TV series), a show on MTV created by the same producers as Jackass (TV series). The proposed air date has been set Fall 2015 for Season 7 of the show.[6]

Celebrity appearances

WhatAreYouBuyen has covered several years of Anime Expo and Touhou Project Conventions, with famous celebrity appearances in their videos including:

LillyPichu - Famous online gamer and Twitch.tv live streamer.

Jessica Nigri - An American Cosplay celebrity and voice actress.

Rocco Botte - American comedian and actor best known for his work with Mega64.

TAM MUSIC - Notable violin performer and TouHou cover artist.

Pwnisher - American YouTuber and film maker, notable for his work with Freddie Wong.


WhatAreYouBuyenTV was a youTube channel launched by WhatAreYouBuyen as a place where fans can watch behind the scenes footage, extra videos, and unreleased material that was never uploaded to the official channel.

Language translations

Russian fans have translated, via dubbed voiceover, some of WhatAreYouBuyen's video reviews for Russian speaking audience.[7]

Spanish speaking fans have translated, via dubbed voiceover, some of WhatAreYouBuyen's video reviews for Spanish speaking audience, which the group has posted on their secondary chanel.[8]


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