Whatever Lola Wants (film)

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Template:Infobox Film Whatever Lola Wants (2007) is a romantic drama film directed by Nabil Ayouch and starring Laura Ramsey, Carmen Lebbos, Assaad Bouab and Achmed Akkabi. The film premiered on 11 December 2007 at the Dubai International Film Festival and was scheduled to be released in France on 11 April 2008. In 2009, the film received theatrical distribution in the UAE.

The film, about an American woman who goes to Egypt, takes its name from the song "Whatever Lola Wants" from the Broadway musical Damn Yankees which was made into a film of the same name in 1958.


Lola is a blonde girl living in New York, where she works at the post office. However, her dream is to move to Egypt to be an oriental dancer, although she has never taken lessons before. Of course, she hesitates leaving a stable job, but encouraged by an attractive Arab man, she quits her job and flies to Cairo. There, she learns about a dancer, Ismahan, who used to be the most famous star, but has now totally retired after a scandal. By sheer persistence, Lola convinces the reluctant recluse to give her dance lessons. As her romance with Zack ends with his engagement to an Egyptian girl, her dance lessons go very well: her teacher is inspiring, and the two women gradually become friends. In no time Lola becomes a professional level dancer. A famous impresario, Nasser Radi, takes her under his wing, and she gets to dance at the prestigious Nile Tower - from there, her career takes off and she becomes a star. She realizes, however, that the impresario, was her teacher's mysterious lover - the two being kept apart from pride and social conventions. Their love story is a secondary plot in the movie, as Ismahan is changed by her student as much as her student is changed by her. Lola goes back to New York to take the art she loves to her fellow Americans, as the older couple finally reunite.

Cast and crew

  • Laura Ramsey ... Lola
  • Achmed Akkabi... Yussef
  • Assaad Bouab ... Zack
  • Carmen Lebbos... Ismahane
  • Milia Ayache... Yasmine
  • Ahmed Boulane... Sleazy man
  • Ioana Alfonso ... student/dancer
  • Hichem Rostom... Nasser Radi.
  • Nadim Sawalha...
  • Jennica Carmona... Postal Worker
  • Nabil Ayouch Director
  • Jake Eberts Producer
  • Leonard Glowinski Producer
  • Pierre-Francois Limbosch Production Designer
  • Leonard Glowinski Associate Producer
  • Hervé de Luze Editor
  • Pierre Grunstein Executive Producer
  • Mindy Marin Casting
  • Donna Deseta Casting
  • Vincent Mathias Cinematographer
  • Nabil Ayouch Screenwriter
  • Jane Hawksley Screenwriter
  • Nathalie Saugeon Screenwriter
  • Krishna Levy Composer (Music Score)
  • Thomas Desjonqueres Sound/Sound Designer
  • Natacha Atlas Additional Music
  • TransGlobal Underground Additional Music
  • Choreographers: Morocco of New York (Carolina Varga Dinicu), Melinda Gillet, Yasmina Benjelloun.

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