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Wilderhood is a travel community for wildlife, travel enthusiasts and photographers. Its headquartered in Bangalore. It was founded by Jagadeesh Rampam in 2014. In its initial years, Wilderhood focused on online sales of Wildlife tours in the Indian subcontinent. Later it expanded to providing experience travels to some of the highly sought after destinations in Africa as well.

Wilderhood’s travel explorers travel across to curate best local experiences and handpick the best trips and accommodations to give its customers a complete offbeat experience. It is a tourism and travel company with foresight to change the perspective of tourism for the long-term benefit of tourists and the tourism industry.


Wilderhood was found in 2014 by Jagadeesh Rampam, alumnus of Sri Venkateswara University College of Engineering. In the initial days, he spent gathering and writing articles about wildlife travel experiences in Wilderhood Recitals, with the intention of creating a travel community. In one of the wildlife trips when he was working for Adobe Systems, he got the idea to start the company as this sector is very unorganised and the trips are really hard to discover. They used Word of mouth to popularize the company. Later they started using Digital marketing.


The company's headquarters located in Bangalore's HSR Layout neighbourhood.


Wilderhood started by focusing on listing out guided photo tours, accommodations which are close to nature and nature camps focused for eco tourism. Its focused on providing the best experiences for Wildlife enthusiasts and Photographers by understanding the requirements for wildlife enthusiasts. The company is also having recommendations on different destinations based on the seasons and species of interest.


The company is keen on building a wildlife travel community and in this direction it has taken couple of steps

Wilderhood Recitals

Wilderhood Recitals contain user contributed articles. Travel experts who have been to places are sharing their adventures and experiences in the wild. Lot of enthusiasts have contributed about their favourite wildlife or travel destination along with amazing images they created during their stint! There are lot of articles on some popular Indian wildlife destinations like Ranthambore National Park,[1] Kabini,[2] Gir Forest National Park,[3] Jim Corbett National Park,[4] Tal Chhapar Sanctuary,[5] Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary,[6] Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve,[7] Keoladeo National Park,[8] Agumbe,[9] Bandipur National Park,[10] Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.,[11] Valparai[12] Recitals on highly sought after African destinations like Serengeti National Park,[13] Maasai Mara[14] are also present here.

Wildart Gallery

Wildart Gallery section features Wildart introduced by Wildlife artist Prasad Natarajan and as of now started by August 2015. Currently, Prasad Natarajan introducing us "Common Birds of Bangalore",[15][16][17] and more through his wildart. Check out at Wildart Gallery for more!

The main purpose of this gallery is to bring awareness among the wildlife enthusiasts about the species that are in co-habitation in urban areas and what is causing the habitat loss for the same.

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