Woodmont (Washington, D.C.)

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Template:Infobox settlement Woodmont is a neighborhood in northwest Washington, D.C.


The neighborhood is generally agreed to be bounded by Chevy Chase (Washington, D.C.) to the Northwest, Rock Creek Park to the East, Forest Hills (Washington, D.C.) to the South, and barely touches Wakefield, Washington, D.C. at the very bottom. It starts at Nebraska Avenue and ends at Rock Creek Park at Utah Avenue. Opinions differ on the southern boundary, where Woodmont meets Forest Hills, but many residents consider it to be Broad Branch Road between 32nd and 27th streets. The major roads include Military Road and Nebraska Avenue, though some do not consider the border to be part of the neighborhood. The area is served by the M4, E2, and E4 Metrobus lines, and D31, D32, D34, and W45 during school hours. Chevy Chase is within walking distance of three Red Line stations: Van Ness-UDC, Tenleytown-AU, and Friendship Heights. The public schools that serve Chevy Chase are Lafayette Elementary, Ben W. Murch Elementary, Alice Deal Middle School, and Woodrow Wilson High School (Washington, D.C.). Woodmont also contains Francis G. Newlands Park, better known as Little Forest.


The founding of this neighborhood is mostly the same as Chevy Chase (Washington, D.C.) until they seceded to form their own community. This area of what used to be Chevy Chase felt separate enough to create its own neighborhood. Woodmont is an area with people of slightly lower incomes. There often is a lot of noise due to the buses, and more money is put in to keep the rest of Chevy Chase cleaner and nicer than Woodmont. The residents of Woodmont don't have all the same qualities of Chevy Chase: from the perfect sidewalks, to the cement bricks on the side of the road where cars are parked, to the amount of safety the families feel. This is why in 2016, residents of the area decided to create Woodmont, a neighborhood where the people really all feel connected.


Only one school is actually located in Woodmont D.C., which is St. John's College High School, a private Catholic High School, though many residents attend Lafayette Elementary, Ben W. Murch Elementary, Alice Deal Middle School, and Woodrow Wilson High School (Washington, D.C.), as well as other various private and charter schools.