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The World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) is the first and only international competition to find and crown the best aspiring performing artists worldwide. This competitive contest which is held annually in Hollywood, California is often referred to as the "Olympics of the Performing Arts". Competitors of every age are judged in acting, singing, dancing, modeling, instrumentalists, and variety categories. Like the Olympics, the finest aspiring competitors from countries are qualified and invited. Every contestant attending the World Championships of Performing Arts system has been screened, qualified and selected under specific guidelines. Founded by Griff O'Neil in 1996, The World Championships has sought out and found the next WorldStars from over 70,000 applicants and 47 countries in its decade-long competition, which culminates in an annual televised final awards show, in Hollywood.

An "Olympics-style" competition in which singers compete only against other singers, dance groups compete only against other dance groups, and so on, the participants are grouped by age into Juniors and Seniors, and then a winner is selected in each performance category, for both Juniors and Seniors, over a week-long elimination process. Industry heavy-weights, talent agents, record execs and television producers judge the talent to determine who moves onto the finals. Once at the finals, a champion is selected by 16 celebrity judges from among the top 3–4 performers in each category and both age groups. Of the eight category winners, a Junior and Senior Grand Champion Performer of the World is selected and awarded.

2008 WCOPA

The 2008 World Championships of Performing Arts were held at the Universal CityWalk, Hollywood and Westin Bonaventure, Los Angeles from July 19 to 27.

In its vocal category, each contestant can only sing a piece for 60 seconds. If one exceeds, 25% will be deducted to his/her final score. Vocalists are grouped in 2 divisions according to age - the juniors (age 15 and below), and the seniors (16 and above), with subgroups in each division. Contestants in the junior division are grouped from 8 to 10 years old, 11 to 12 and 13 to 15. The senior division: 16 to 17, 19 to 24, 25 to 29, 30 and above. Contestants undego 4 gruelling rounds of competition.[1]

Round One is when contestants compete in their respective age brackets. Bronze, silver, gold medals and industry awards are special citations given out.

Round Two, the winning contestants from a particular age group compete with those in other age brackets. The over-all winners' plaques are special awards given out.

Round Three is when grand finalists are selected.

In the Final Round, there are usually about four to five grand finalists per category, Grand Champions of the World are chosen according to their respective categories like singing, dancing, modeling, and so on.

Also in the Final Round, only two will be chosen as Over-All Grand Champions of the World or Grand Champion Performers of the World, one from the junior division and the other from the senior division.

2013 WCOPA

This WCOPA was the first to hold 'bootcamps' before the main competition. These bootcamps were run by industry professionals in the fields of music, dance, modelling and acting. Contestants could choose which classes to attend during the day and didn't have to stay within one field.

Also the IWA (International Worldstars Association) was launched at this WCOPA. Contestants could sign up on the IWA website and pay a subscription fee for access to informative videos and networking opportunities with industry leaders.

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